Micro Bubble Braid Holiday Hairstyles

Hey, it’s Katie! And it’s Charlie. From the Bella’s Braids and we’re here to show you a half-up style that’s really beautiful and doesn’t require a lot of skill level on braiding, so we hope you like it. Please, if you haven’t already comment to Cute Girl’s HairStyles hit this button below and make sure to give us a big thumbs up for this post. Thanks guys!

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So to start this style, you’re going to do kind of a half-up pony tail, but it’s about an inch up from her ear or so, an inch and a half. And then just pull it loose a little bit, just for a nice romantic look. Now, we are going to take this section by her ear, split it in two, keep that in the front, and I’m gonna three strand braid each of these two. Okay, and then I’m just going to add a bobby pin to save this for later. So I’m just gonna repeat that with this section. Do a three strand braid directing it back towards the back of the head. And I’m just gonna put that in the same bobby pin just to hold it. Now I’m going to repeat this step on the other side of the head. Now that I have the braids done on two sides, I’m going to go down about an inch and a half or so, and I’m going to add another elastic just right on this ponytail. And I’m going to pancake it so that it looks like a bubble. So just on the outside edges just pull out. Now I’m going to take the top braids from each side. So I have the top braids, and I’m going to add another elastic so it joins the bubble with these two braids. There should be a little of the tail ends of the braids, so make sure those are out and brush it nice and smooth. Now I’m going to do the same thing as the step before.

I’m gonna take an elastic and put it about an inch and a half down. And I’m going to pancake it to be a bubble. Okay, now I’m going to take the bottom two braids, and I’m gonna add them to this bubble. Okay so now that I have it all braided, I’m gonna go back through and pancake it. Nice and messy. And I’m gonna finish that off with an elastic. Okay, so the last step would definitely be finishing the elastics off so they don’t show. I’m gonna use some clips or bows. You could also use, as you go you could use hair to cover them from the other side of the ponytail. And I will show you how that looks when I’m done. So as you can see, I put little cuffs on some of the rubber bands and I put a little gold bow on the other one. Thank you for watching. We hope you enjoyed the post. If you haven’t already comment, do so here with this button. And see more of our posts right up here. And more of Cute Girl’s Hairstyles’ posts down here. Thanks everyone. See you next time, bye.

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