Micro Makeover Here’s How To Get Celeb-Status Brows In Just One Easy Step

Hi guys kc mad in here, and join with me today is one of Kat Von D’s a global makeup artist therapy hi welcome. So guys Tara’s here to tell us all about a new innovative eyebrow product called the super brow. So cherry this obviously isn’t like your typical eyebrow pencil right what exactly is this. So this is part of Kat Von D beauty’s new brow collection, and this is super brow an amazing brow pomade. So for you I’m gonna use the back of this really amazing number 70 brush to kind of scoop a little bit of the product out, and I’m gonna use this as a spatula kind of has like a mixing medium tool. Because I want to mix this color which is walnut in with magenta, and this brush is paired absolutely perfectly with this product it gets those lines really super clean, and precise, and I just can’t wait to put this on your eyebrow oh my gosh this looks amazing like it this is so cool it really makes my eye color pop did you honestly ever think you would have pink in your eyebrows no. I was a little nervous when you showed me the color pink. But seriously this is one of the coolest things. I’ve ever seen on my eyes glad you like it, and I think it just goes to show the power of creativity is really in your hands with a brand new cap on DPD superpower collection, and how amazing is it that the integrity of these products isn’t ruined by it being vegan, it’s only better. Because it’s vegan. So being vegan, and cruelty-free high pigment completely 24-hour wear, and waterproof okay Tara. But where can we get our hands on these things you could get the brand new cap Bundy Beauty super brow at any of your local Sephora Sephora calm or Kat Von D BT calm awesome, and it doesn’t break the bank either right no 90 bucks done. I think that means you need all of them I’m taking them all with me Tara thank you. So much for coming thank you for having me this was. So much fun, and if you guys want more micro makeovers keep it here at my blog calm.

Micro Makeover Here’s How To Get Celeb-Status Brows In Just One Easy Step Photo Gallery

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