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Hi guys I am Casey Madden, and join with me today is one of Kat Von D’s global makeup artist Leah Carmichael guys leah is here today to show us why every girl needs this eyebrow pencil in her makeup bag Leah take us through this why is this. So different than every other pencil out there well the Kat Von D signature brow is a 12-hour pencil it has an elliptical tip which. You can see is super thin the one really cool thing about this is I’m sure you’ve seen lots of brow pencils out there you can press down, and it’s going to smoosh the tip down make it into a ball. So then, it’s a little bit more on the thicker side this one doesn’t matter how many strokes you do, it’s going to always stay the same width, and it does not break, it’s really such a natural hair look. Yeah it creates natural hair strokes, and then at the very end you can brush there, and create your everyday brow I like doing that. So tell me a little bit about micro bleeding that’s it all the buzz lately how can this get you that same kind of luck. So micro bleeding tattooed brows is a huge trend right now it is very expensive very painful this is only 20 dollars, and it’s going to give you the same end result. Yeah I can’t wait to look I’ve rel1 almost done you have such great brows I just added a little bit of the pencil to create more definition. Wow I cannot believe what a difference that makes. Yeah just a little bit of pencil goes such a long way for you I used shade medium brown. But there’s six other shades to choose from ranging from blonde to black. Oh I can’t wait to try them all Leah thank you. So much for being here thank you for having me of course, and guys for more micro makeovers keep it here at my blog com you.

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