Mike The Situation Sorrentino Sentenced To 8 Months In Prison

The verdict is in Mike the situation Sorrentino has been sentenced to eight months in prison along with two years of additional supervised probation for fraudulent tax behavior between the years of 2014, and 2017 his Jersey Shore cast mates were there in full force to support their friend along with his fiancee Lauren Snooki JWoww Deena Angelina Vinny Pauly D, and Ronnie were coincidentally all wearing black which made it seem like they were morning Mike sentencing in an effort to clean up his act the reality TV star has been open about being sober for more than 34 months now as OK fans know he has been in our studio promoting Jersey Shore family vacation a few times, and for what, it’s worth he has been one of the sweetest, and kindest celebrities to walk through our doors unfortunately being an awesome guy doesn’t put you above the law in addition Mike’s brother Mark was sentenced to 24 months behind bars he will also have to pay restitution along with a $75,000 fine within the next 30 days for more on mike the situation, and all things Jersey Shore stay with my blog calm.

MJ Javid Talks IVF Journey

This whole process of IVF, and pregnancy it messes with your mind something a little bit more exciting your IVF process tell us all about it oh, it’s a real pain in the a SS a, it’s very difficult it’s. Because the reason I say that is. Because we had a couple of calendars that we were going to be very specifically following with specific target dates, and none of those have panned out yet. So, it’s a journey, and for example I could have been by now pregnant which I’m not or like in maybe even my second trimester right now. But you know I could all I could say is that, it’s not, it’s not as boilerplate as we think we just look at a calendar, and say oh okay I’ll be pregnant on that day or by then yeah. But no. So, it’s more of like an emotional rollercoaster with like these hormones. Yeah you got crazy of course god I’m crazy without them I can’t even imagine with them then get a straitjacket, and. Yeah find like a lot of funny friends that are gonna make you laugh through the whole thing. So you sound like you’re staying hopeful I’m an extraordinary human being. Yeah you are ordinarily optimistic human all right have you ever thought of just giving up or you’re gonna keep going I have no reason to give up. Because yeah, it’s the we have like we’re like almost as far the finish line is like one click over. Yeah okay well we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you you’ll find out you.

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