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Mila Kunis does it all. She’s a life coach, actor and lawyer. She was the female lead in the feature film My Father, Die, which was written and directed by Sean Brosnan and produced by Pierce Brosnan, Orian Williams and Sanja Banic.

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“I play Nana, the heroine of this gritty action-thriller set in the South,” she shares. We also know her from the hit show Million Dollar Matchmaker, with Patti Stanger.

We asked this Hollywood lovely about her fashion sense (which is always on point). “I am undoubtedly a tomboy, and I love to keep it simple when I’m not working. I love my natural, short, manicured nails and go without makeup most of the time. My style is pretty simple and classic in day-to-day life; jeans, a white tank top and high-top Nikes. I basically made a Fidel Castro military hat famous because I wear it at least two times a week! When it’s time for filming or a red carpet, I step up the glamour and sex appeal—but I keep it classic. I’m not the girl who rocks trends.”

Working on a film can be challenging, to say the least. So how does she keep her coif in check? Candice says: “I actually used to wear partial weaves and perm a portion of my hair when I filmed, thinking I was protecting it—but that wasn’t the case. The hair I left out was not as close to as healthy as the hair I braided up. So I decided more than a year ago to take better care of my natural hair, and I went back 100 percent natural. I couldn’t be happier! It has grown out beautiful and thick, like when I was a little girl. Now I wear full weaves, and I’m looking into some wigs as well for when I’m filming. I wear my natural hair in twists and buns or press it into a cute bob.”

And how does she feel about weaves and wigs? “I love them! The ability to change up your look and protect your hair at the same time is priceless. I’m not sure why some people are ashamed of wearing a weave or wig. It doesn’t mean you don’t have hair or don’t love your hair; you simply want a different look and/or want to protect it.” Candice has sage advice when it comes to choosing her hair. She states, “Quality is very important to me, so I’m very selective when purchasing. I always do research and talk to someone who has worn the hair for an extended period.”

When taking care of her natural hair, Candice mentions a few products she keeps on hand. These include: Hairfinity vitamins, Kérastase serum, It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In conditioner, Hick’s Edge Control and Psssst! dry shampoo.

Candice takes care of herself from the inside out. She eats healthy, drinks water and exercises. She also has a great outlook on achieving her goals. She tells us, “You must block out any negative voices, even if they come from your friends or family, and focus in on your dreams. Most important, remember: The harder you work, the more blessed you are!”

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