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Getting started Mila Kunis

I started my career in 1998, when I was 15 years-old with no clue of how things worked in the world. It was really tough to get into this profession, especially when the industry and the art of hairdressing was not known to many!

Journey so far

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This industry has given me a platform to learn and understand professional grooming. I have experienced many ups and downs because 18 years back, it wasn’t an easy job to develop my skills in front of my seniors and clients, when there were established hairdressers in the market. This industry is so dynamic, you just can’t afford to sit back. One has to work upon oneself to improve. My dedication and hard work has Anally yielded results and I am where I am. I have also won the ‘L’Oreal Men’s Image Award’ consecutively from year 2011 to 2015.

Family support Mila Kunis

I don’t think I can ever thank my family enough for standing with me during the highs and lows of my career. Not even once did they ask me to drop the idea of following my passion even when I was not doing well. They have been my biggest support, even when I put all my savings were at stake.

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