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Mila Kunis Feeling good should also mean looking good. With Restylane, you can do both IF YOU SPENT A LITTLE MORE TIME WORKING AND PLAYING HARD BEFORE MR RIGHT CAME ALONG, THEN GOOD FOR YOU.

You’ve definitely taken life by the reins. You may even have a few lines to show for your story. We understand that even though they represent the journey, lines and wrinkles don’t often represent how you feel inside. And it’s the ‘inner you’ that exudes the happiness and confidence that defines you. As one of the world’s leading hyaluronic acid fillers for more than 20 years, Restylane is an injectable, specifically designed to restore Mila Kunis facial volume as well as enhance shape and contour.

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It’s great for lifting the cheeks, smoothing out lines and wrinkles around the eyes and nose, and contouring the chin and jawline. Plus, with a broad portfolio of options, you can have a treatment plan tailored just for you. The results are always subtle and natural-looking. So, when your new hubby is telling the room that the moment he realised he loved you was that time you introduced yourself to his mother – or at least the statue you thought was his mother, after one too many at the family garden party – your smile will say you remember, but not that it was a lifetime ago.
In Mila Kunis 20s THOUGHT ACNE WAS A THING OF THE PAST ALONG WITH EXAMS, BRACES AND INAPPROPRIATE CRUSHES ON TEACHERS? Sadly not. Hormonal changes, diet and stress can all wreak havoc on your skin. Luckily, Restylane and Restylane Skinboosters are perfect for treating imperfections through deep skin rehydration, so even when you’re helping train your 18-month-old page boy to walk in a straight line and not accidentally swallow your platinum bands en route, you’ll be completely fresh-faced when you watch him zig-zag up the aisle. Restylane Email: Visit: or Fill SEEKERS

In Mila Kunis 30s YOU’VE BEEN TO BARBS, FORGONE CARBS AND, OCCASIONALLY, SUNCREAM… While you’re probably looking bronzed and well-rested, UV rays may have damaged skin cells, leading to wrinkles and brown spots. Stop those fine lines in their tracks with strategically placed injections across your forehead and brow crease – this way, you won’t be caught out by the astute wedding photographer. But just remember, SPF50 next time…

Over 40s BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, GOT NUMEROUS T-SHIRTS AND THE TROUSERS TO MATCH? Then you’ll want your wedding day to reflect the fun you’ve had. Whether you’re hauling guests across the Med to a historical castle or hot-footing it down to the coast for a festival-type shindig, hyaluronic acid filler can be used to contour your cheeks and add volume around the eyes. So your smile still says you’re 25 and ready to party til the sun comes up, even when your passport doesn’t.

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