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Heigh Ho, everyone! I am Abby from LA, and I am here with Brooklyn today. Hi! Did you guys know that the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride is open in Disney World? And it looks like a ton of fun! I really want to go ride it! I do, too! I love roller coasters anyway and this one looks really fun. It kind of reminds me a lot of the, um. Big Thunder Mountain. Yeah, that one. In Disneyland. In the mountain, and its like a mine train thing. It looks really cool! I am excited for it! I am, too! So, in honor of the ride opening, Disney is doing this BIG contest Where there are challenges, one every single week, for weeks, And there are weekly winners, one for every week for weeks, And, then at the end, one of those winners wins a big giant trip to Disney World for people for days! There are a lot of ‘s in there! Yeah, it is going to be fun, though! Wow! Anyway, so this week we were asked to lead off the challenge, which is the “Sneezy” challenge.

Miner-Inspired Hair Beard Styles Photo Gallery

So, we are going to show you some miner-inspired hairstyles Because, you know, when they are not wearing their big mining hats, they are wearing cute, like, stocking caps! So we are going to do some stocking cap hair, and maybe even. some beard hair! So, when the miners aren’t wearing their big mining hats They are usually shown in the movie having stocking caps, or what we call “beanies” on. So first, we are going to show you how. Brooklyn wears a beanie, and then I’m going to show you how to pin a beanie on so it stays on. Yeah, so first you’re going to want to take your beanie And then. open it up, I guess. And I just put the front of it on my forehead, and then pull the rest of it back behind my head. So I kind of look like funky right now like this! And then, I’m just going to push it back so that you can see like a line of hair in front. So you don’t look bald when you wear your hat! And then, I’m just going to comb my hair down so that it kind of frames my face. And just let the beanie kind of “slouch” in the back. And let the beanie just, kind of, just fall. So it just, kind of, falls. naturally in the back. Now, how I pin mine, people always ask me this, is I take my bobby pins, and usually the beanies have kind of like a weave to them, So, I just try to find like a spot where there’s a little bit of an opening, And I just stick a bobby pin in. Make sure you catch your hair when you are pinning, as well. And then, I just try to make sure that I cross at least two bobby pins So that they cross underneath on your hair. Make sure you don’t catch that edge. That way you can’t see the bobby pins outside of the hat. Yeah, so you can’t see the bobby pins, maybe just a teeny tiny bit, and, same thing, I’ll go underneath, and find another spot down here, too, because the other thing is. beanies have a tendency to, kind of, pull up. So, I’ll just grab some hair with that bobby, and stick it right in there. Take another bobby pin, and just make sure that they cross. when you are doing them.. that the ends of the bobby pins cross.

And that secures the beanie, wherever you want to wear it! You can do two on this side, too, to just make sure that it is extra secure if you wanted to. And then, I can wear it all day long, and really, it doesn’t even move at all! For our nd inspired look, we’re doing kind of a bubble ponytail version with a hat on. So, we’re going to just “sweep” the hair, we split it into two sections, Threw them both over the shoulders, and then we’re just going to gather the hair all up, and, using an elastic. wrap it around. and let it lay softly. She’s got curl in her hair, which is actually kind of fun, because. it kind of makes it bubble even more, which looks really, really cute! But if you have straight hair, you can do it, too! So you can do as many sections as your hair needs, I like three. And then, when you are done, you just kind of go back and loosen them up a little bit And it just softens the look, and bubbles the hair just a tiny bit more. And it looks SOOO cute, under the stocking hat, too! The beanie! So, our next miner-inspired hairstyle is going to be a lace braid in front of the beanie.

So, for this one we parted her hair just a little bit further to one side, instead of straight in the middle, And, I’m going to take. her hair, and reach up and over the top, and start a braid right here. And, I’m going to do a Dutch Braid. OK, now, I’m going to go back and just. tug those edges a little bit, the elbows of the braids, And make it loosen up, pancake it. So that it even lays, turn towards me, please. a little bit flatter. More. noticable. A little tug, just so that it pops the braid up a little bit. and you can see the really pretty fullness of the braid on the top of her head, as well! And, there you have. that look! And, for our last look, most of the miners, of course, have beards, so we thought we would do a funny style, and show you how to create. a “faux” beard! Okay, you’re going to want to split your hair in half and pull both sides over your shoulders, and then take one side, and then the other, and kind of just comb them over underneath your chin. And it kind of just makes this beard, and then. you’ll want to rubber band it. Brooklyn’s got a really long beard! I’ve got a long, fancy beard, if you can’t tell! Just rubber band it there! I think you could braid that, Brooklyn! I think you could, you know, put in some twists! I’ve got a fancy beard! Let’s do the final spin with that look right there, ready? YES, that’s great! It’s my favorite! Brooklyn Yeahhhh! Hope you guys have enjoyed all of our miner-inspired beanie styles! And, I can’t wait to see yours! Now, be sure to check out BeThethMiner.com for all the contest details! You can submit any of your photos or posts via Twitter, Instagram, or Vine hashtag #thMinerContest! Yeah, and we’ll have all that information in the description box below! BE CREATIVE! I’m super excited to see what you guys come up with for creative hairstyles! or, even BEARD styles, if you happen to have a dad, or someone fun, who has a really crazy beard! I would love to see it! We will see you guys next time! Bye guys! Bye! Yo, yo, heigh to the. oh, what? Yo, yo, heigh to the yo! Uh. let’s see! Oh, I know! I want to be the th miner! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Got it! Good luck in the contest, Bye!.

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