Miracle Plants in Skin Care

Miracle Plants in Skin Care

When properly used, aromatic vegetable oils can heal at various levels. Despite being natural, these oils must be extremely well-balanced and should be used with caution. Spend some time to be familiar with their specific features, their warnings and their recommended uses. Do not forget that safety data on the use of aromatic vegetable oils has been developed with additional work. Overall I would suggest the following basic suggestions:

I do not recommend taking aromatic oils as a rule, since the quality and purity of aromatic oils range from the best to the darkest. Use these oils internally only in accordance with the specific recommendations of an authorized aromatherapist.

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Do not allow aromatic oils to come into contact with your eyes and other sensitive protective membranes. Consult an expert aromatherapist or doctor to use oil on cracked or irritated skin.

Always use a patch test to ensure that you are sensitive to a specific component or you are allergic before using any beauty product. See page 58 for instructions.
S6 Except for lavender and tea tree essence oils in very small quantities that do not use aromatic oils on skin, unless recommended by an authorized aromatherapist.

Q6 If you are pregnant, you should be pregnant, be under constant medical control, or take some medicines, it would be wise to take medical advice before using a number of aromatic oils. Be aware of your body’s changing needs, and behave appropriately.

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