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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from “Hairstyles.” Today I’m going to show you a great DIY that’s inspired by Miss Hannigan on the remake of “Annie,” who is played by Cameron Diaz. Now this is a great one for short hair, DIY last minute hairdos, even second-day hair, even Daddy ‘Dos. So let’s going on the hair. Now to start this hairstyle, you’re going to want to part a section, just, like, mid-eyebrow to mid-eyebrow. I’m just going to take my thumbs, even and you can use a comb if you want a really exact part. Just part it off and fix any spots that are having issues. Make sure it’s even on your face which mine looks like it pretty much is. And take that whole section, and just go right down the middle, and divide it in half. I’m going to take a clip and clip one off to the side. So that holds that piece we’re going to be using later. And I’m going to take a second clip, and clip down the rest of my hair I don’t want pulling into the braid. So this is the section I will be working with.

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And I’m going to go to the front, pick up a small section right here, divide it into three pieces, and begin a regular French braid. Now when you’re going along, you want to pick up relatively small pieces. Because you want that braid to really pop, right from the beginning, close your forehead. And if you take big sections, it won’t show as much until you get back further into the braid. So you can see I’m not picking up very large sections of hair when I’m adding it in, and just working along towards the back. You can see where this comes in handy. Just because it helps you identify the hair that’s coming into the braid and the hair that should not be coming into the braid. And when you get back to where you think you’re just about done, and out of hair, go ahead and finish it off like a regular braid.

Now just for the sake of it not falling out, I’m going to take an elastic and wrap it around, and repeat the process on the other side. OK. When you get done with the second braid, I’m going to go ahead and pick up the first one again. In the movie it looks like she has them kind of combined right here at the end of the braids. So I’m going to simply be sure I don’t have any loose hairs in there grab them and squeeze them together a little bit. And you can use a barrette right here, if you wanted to, or even an elastic. To me it looked more like a little bit of bobby pinning. So I’m just going to take a couple of bobby pins, cross them so I’ve just crossed two. And I always add a third one, just for extra security across my bobby pins to really lock those in. You can take these clips out now. You don’t need those.

And go ahead and release that first braid that we put in an elastic. And then soften the hair up by just moving it around. And I’m even going to take a comb and just right here, in the back just backcomb a tiny little bit, to add a little more volume and fluff right back in here. You’ll notice that in the movie it looked like she had, like, you could see these back pieces falling a little bit to the sides of her head. So that’s what I’m trying to get going here, like this. And voila you are finished. OK. Let’s do the final spin. Whee. You can see that I’ve just used second-day curls to do this. So this is the top. It’s super easy. It’s the perfect teen style, even a Daddy ‘Do. This one’s really basic, really beginning level hairstyling here. Now “Annie” has always been one of my favorite movies. Because I loved the music, I loved watching at as a child, and then when we adopted our babies it’s even a little more meaningful because of the whole adoption thing in the movie. Now tell me which movie is your favorite movie. Leave a comment below, letting me know. Be sure to give this post a thumbs up. And don’t forget to comment so you can see future posts. And we will see you guys next Sunday. ‘Bye, you guys. Or anything like that and I’ll just go back and add a few more. And they can usually tell. Kam, how does it feel on your head? Does it feel We love you, Miss Hannigan.

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