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November’s knocking on the door, which can mean only one thing – Christmas party season is officially on! And while you’re busy shopping for those dreamy new season dresses for your first festive celebration of the year, don’t forget to think about getting your home party ready, too.

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No excuses, ladies, with this season’s art-deco interior trend in full force across the whole high street, it couldn’t be easier to create the perfect party pad elaborate enough to rival The Great Gatsby’s. Think retro drinks trolleys, 1920’s inspired artwork, gold gilded glassware and that all important cocktail shaker! Just don’t forget to invite us, ’k?

Of course, playing loud music is essential to creating the perfect party situ (but also to cover the sound of my blender when I’m mixing up frozen margaritas in the kitchen!). Getting that sexy mood lighting is also key, so I make sure my flat is full of candles.’

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