Apply moisturizer before you put on your make-up because it will give the skin a healthy, plumped-up look. Wait 5-10 minutes and then apply your make-up over the moisturizer.


The bucket was pulled aloft, its contents emptied into the slop tank, and then lowered again for us to refill. Tank digging was as bad as any Roman slave pit could have been. The heat was unbearable: we were grilled like steaks by the hot, hot steel of the tank walls, which had been blasted for hours by near boiling water. We skidded and slipped over constantly on the treacherous muck until we were as black as the sludge itself. Every pore and orifice became clogged with oil sludge. The boiler suit was scant protection against the filth; we might just as well have gone in naked. The only reason we wore the suits was to minimise burns from the red hot steel works. Every now and again, a pocket of gas would rise up from the sludge and we would reel with dizziness; I had visions of collapsing and expiring in the mire. If there were too many collapses, one of the CPOs (either the bosun or Casab was always with the digging party) would send us all to the surface while the tank was given another venting. Once the tanks were clean, we had a respite while the ballast was changed.

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