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In general, people with oily skin do not need moisturizers. However, if a moisturizer is needed, the smallest amount will usually suffice. Keep in mind that a daily moisturizer application may not be necessary and should be applied only on an as-needed basis. It is best to apply moisturizers to a clean face, preferably while the skin is still slightly moist after washing or steaming. In some cases the skin needs moisture and not oil. The best treatment in this case is to increase water consumption to hydrate the skin from the inside. While oil acts as a barrier to help the skin retain moisture, the skin also needs a source of moisture. This is why applying a moisturizer to a damp face is most beneficial. The following formulas offer light, effective moisturizers for oily and blemished skin.

Touch of Grapeseed Oily

Grapeseed is a light and somewhat drying oil that may be appropriate for oily skin.

Several drops grapeseed oil Apply oil to fingertips and gently massage into clean and slightly moistened face.

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