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Hi my name is Crystal Liz and I’m the greatest makeup artist in the world. So monochromatic makeup Is I’ve never actually never tried monochromatic makeup before.

Makeup that is all one tone. It’s usually where what you put on eyes matches what’s on your lips. Mono meaning one and chrome meaning color. Oranges, pinks, corals are more universally flattering. You know who actually is a great example of killing it with monochromatic makeup is Solange. When she does her all white, just a swipe of white on her eye, just like. I’m going to be teaching these beauty queens how to do a simpler, more wearable monochromatic look. And then we’re going to put them to the test and see how they do. But they’re going to be great because it’s just makeup. Today Crystal’s going to be showing me how to do a burgundy monochromatic look. I’m pretty excited because I’ve never used green in my makeup looks ever. I haven’t tried monochromatic makeup since I was maybe six years old, trying my mom’s makeup on. I just gravitated towards the pink lipgloss, and the pink blush, and the pink eyeshadow. Blue is my favorite color so I’m hoping I can blog blue. Before. First we’re going to put this blush on you.

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Press it. I’m going to take my finger. This blue. Oh! Oh la la! And I’m just going to like oh my god, yas! I’m blue. If I were green I would die. You have really great brows. Brush everything straight up. Whoa. Oh I love it. Whoa! Oh my god! This is so cool. Do you think you would be able to recreate? No! No. Not at all. I hope and I think that I can recreate this look. All of it is going to be very difficult to do. I think I remember all of the steps. I’m ready to be put to the test.

Do I actually have to take off the eyelashes? Yeah. Oh gosh. Oh great. You might as well cut off the camera. It’s going to take me a while. I’m just wishing I made a cheat sheet. See if this brush is that. I felt like I felt little X’s. Maybe I’m wrong. Then she said cat eye up a little. The name of this contour stick is it’s called Doom, which I feel doesn’t really set me up For success. I was once taught like that. Oh up. Brows. Up up up up. Yours looks really great.

Yours looks really great. Does it? I believe in you. Would you like me to hold the mirror for you? Could you? I think I’m just putting them on top of each other. That one’s just a little higher than the other ones. Oh! Where does it go? What your highlighter? Mmhmm. Above? Here? Above my blush? Yeah… I like this blue. Spectra. Blue! Oh no. Yeah, okay. I’ve been on the individual lashies for far too long. I think that’s clear brow gel that you’re using. What? What am I doing? Oh! I think you should just use this. Oh mascara! Did you do your mascara already? And eyelashes. That’s like the easiest part. Oh I didn’t have eyelashes. That’s nope.

Nope, nope. I guess this is contouring. Got the powder in my little C formation. Oh that was a lot. How’s it going? I definitely overdid it in the corners. I can clean it up a little bit. I don’t think… well. A little bit. Maybe. Yeah, it ran wild. It seems like it’s simple and then you forget that she took her four steps to get there. Boom. Like a pro. I’m mixing two different lip glosses. But one’s gold and one’s coral. This guy is like raising his hand.

Yeah, he needs to sit down. He needs to come back down. He needs to be humble. And he needs to be humble. He needs to sit down. He need to sit down. Did I have clear brow gel? It kind of makes me feel like I’m in Zenon. I’m a supernova girl. That’s what I was going to say. Supernova girl. Zoom, zoom, zoom! Yeah that was the coolest movie ever. The millennium didn’t turn out like that but that’s okay. Are you done? I think I’m done. You guys look so good. I’m so proud. Are you impressed with us? You’re going to put me out of a job.

Look at this eye. She is killing it. Look at her. Just the right eye. Yeah, I mean… Some of these girls don’t wear makeup at all, you know. For that challenge, under the circumstances, I thought they did really well. I’m pleasantly surprised. I feel like you blended it out really well. Thank you. If anything, I could see more. Oh. I could do this again. I think I could do this again. Yeah? I feel more confident. Would you? I like yours a lot. I like yours a lot.

At the end of the day, everybody had fun. You know? And that’s kind of the most important thing. Yay! Thank you! Thanks for reading How We Do Monochromatic Makeup. click on comment button for more posts. click on comment button to comment.

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