Mood Swings/Hysteria

Hysteria is a term which is no longer used in modern medical practice, not least because it is a condition which is very difficult to define. It has, however, survived as the adjective ‘hysterical’, usually applied pejoratively to women to describe a certain type of uncontrolled or unpredictable behaviour of a demonstrative emotional character. In spite of its negative associations it is a real and definable condition.

Mood swings, like hysteria, are often associated only with women – especially as a premenstrual or menopausal symptom They are also, however, a common side-effect of stress. Swings in mood tend to range from hyperactivity and elation on the one hand, to physical exhaustion and depression on the other.

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Lavender oil has long been prescribed for hysterical outbursts, a lack of emotional stability, and mood swings:

Because of its primarily balancing nature, it is of great value in helping people who are in an unbalanced emotional state – hysteria, manic depression or widely fluctuating moods.20

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