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Good morning everyone~! I’m Joan and today I have a very special post where I review the Moonshot Cushion for a whole week! I’m actually posting the intro because I forgot to post it I didn’t realize it until I started editing. So I hope you guys enjoy this new style and I kind of want to do it again so let me know, but let’s get started with this review. I don’t really do these on my blog so we’ll see how it goes and here it is – the Moonshot Perfect or Face Perfect Balm cushion You all know that I love YG so gotta support their makeup line and this is their Blackpink cushion and it looks like this. I love the peach packaging and it looks like this. Just peeled off the sticker and this is- this is what it looks like. Apply it, gets on like this. Uh, the coverage is there but not as much as I expected? Maybe I just need to press harder? Very first impression is that the coverage is okay and it definitely gives my face a glow but since I’m not a huge fan of the super wet dewy look, I’m definitely going to use a powder to kind of matte-ify. Um, but we’ll see throughout the week I just wanted to show you guys the applying process and then I’ll review it for you guys throughout the week~! I just finished my makeup and I put powder on and after that I applied another layer of the Moonshot cushion and then I didn’t need a concealer! Look how nice the coverage is! So, pretty impressed but we’ll see throughout the day Joan: What are you doing? Abe: I think I understand What? Oh my gosh It is currently four o’clock and I’ve been wearing this foundation for a couple of hours now Joan: And it is looking- Abe: It is so good, it looks really good It’s looking really good right now Abe: No like lowkey, it- I mean highkey it looks bomb Joan: Highkey it’s looking good Abe: Looks bomb Joan: Yes I am back home now, it is currently 6:49 and my foundation review for the day: I am absolutely IN LOVE with the moonshot cushion, for now.

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I will update you guys throughout the week Uh, but it basically looks like my skin but better and I feel like throughout the day, as time went by, it just kept looking more and more natural and my skin just loved this product so much. So I’m really excited to start using this throughout this week. Today I’m actually going to dye my hair pink using the April Skin hair dye I’m pretty sure that review will be up so I’ll link it up here. It’s a temporary seven-day hair dye and I’m going to use that so tomorrow my hair will be pink, so um, yeah! Thank you guys for reading and I’ll see you guys tomorrow! It’s day 2 now and I’m doing the same exact technique – I apply the foundation, apply powder and then foundation over again for extra coverage and I am loving it. It looks really good I love the flawless finish and, um, yeah. I- I honestly don’t know how else it will change but I guess I’ll try to use a primer tomorrow and then just use a powder first and then go for the foundation, cause that’s what Eddie does, but I just wanted to do foundation, powder,foundation. So I guess I’ll try different foundation applying-. I guess I will try to apply it differently for a better review I guess because so far I am loving this cushion. Look at all these empties that I need to post Update on the foundation: I feel like it’s accentuating my dry patches. I don’t know, like right here. Do you see that? I just don’t like that and like I hate it when cushions do that Like this, I know how to say it in Korean. Like 떠(cake) like when your makeup 떠s(cakes) (화장을 뜨다: makeup becomes cake-y) Joan: I guess when your makeup.. Abe: Is all up in your face Yes, yes basically So I don’t know like the way that it looks right here and I’m breaking out right here and near my cheek area. As you guys can see it’s kind of bumpy, I don’t know if it’s because of the cushion, but I’m gonna go to my dermatologist today So. yeah, I’m going to end the review for today.

Alright guys, it’s Day 3 and today I’m not going to do much I’m just going to stay home and clean my room but I am using the moonshot cushion. And yesterday I actually went to the dermatologist to ask like why I was breaking out in certain areas and she says it doesn’t seem- she doesn’t think it’s the foundation. She said that it’s probably the pollution right now, so she did extract everything, so I am using it again. So I can’t really tell but the coverage is great and since I’m going to be home I won’t- I feel like nothing is really going to change throughout the day but I’ll keep you guys updated I have a lot of cleaning to too today. I have a lot of cleaning to do today As you guys can tell my vanity is a mess, so Um, I think I might have uploaded that post by the time this post is up so click up here to read my, I guess, unofficial vanity tour, because I know that’s a highly requested post, but yes I’m using the moonshot cushion today. I did the same method as yesterday, I wanted to try it differently, but I want to give it one more chance with the foundation, powder and foundation. It doesn’t feel heavy at all, I forgot that I didn’t mentioned that at all but yeah, I am liking- I’m liking the way it feels on my skin. I just really hope that this isn’t the cushion- this isn’t the reason why I am breaking out. This right here we gotta clean up – it is unacceptable. We have some palettes collecting dust so I really have to move it to a different box. I am exhausted from all that cleaning I think it’s been like 3-4 hours but my makeup is still looking quite-. it’s looking kind of shinier because obviously I was moving around a lot but then I definitely like it. The coverage is really good and I love how you could just layer up and it just gives a very nice my-skin-but-better look. So, yeah, starting tomorrow I’ll be doing a different foundation method where I will start with powder first and then the foundation just to see if there is a difference. I know Edward really likes doing that so I’ll let you guys know but yeah I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s update Day 4 of the Moonshot cushion Eddy: I met another person, like the day after the review came up and she was like Edward, you made me buy the cushion, I’m like obsessed Joan: It’s, it’s so good and then today I applied it differently instead of using foundation, powder, foundation I did a J.ONE Jelly Pack, which I brought one for him, because he hasn’t tried it yet and I like it better.

Today my skin looks great Okay here’s your close up of the nose people are asking me to do this Joan: And I was that is not my aesthetic E: That’s not you. That’s not her. E: I would, I would think that would be really weird if it was on her blog J: I know, I know right Joan: Yayyy~ Edward: Again? Thank you An update on the cushion: It’s, it’s good but I smiled so much, so there’s like fine lines, yeah, but other than that I like the J.ONE Jelly Pack underneath my Moonshot cushion so yeah. Eddy: This definitely- because it is more on the moisture side, moisturising side you’d run with the risk of it, um, creasing? If you, like- I have smile lines, like really bad cause I’m always like (face) and also here J: It’s funny cause you’re actually talking (into the mic) Yes, thank you But, yeah this event is over. I’m going to go home now~ And I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s update It is Day 5 of using the Moonshot cushion and today I used a powder and then went with the foundation and my face just feels really smooth today. Definitely, different methods help give like a different look for that- this foundation but yeah I’m loving it so far. Today’s essentials: a cool tea, sunglasses to block out all the dust and the sun and then my cushion of the day and my phone~ Quick update on the foundation: I’m sorry I have to wear sunglasses because of the fine dust and also it’s really sunny, It’s really good I like the powder under foundation method. It looks really smooth, Uh, the coverage is okay today. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I just have like darker scars today but yeah foundation is looking good. Alright guys it is Day 6 of using the Moonshot cushion and I’m sorry for not updating you guys too much yesterday. I’m just running out of things to say about it because yeah it’s moisturizing, it covers really well and it’s very long-lasting. Today I’m only using this cushion – no powder or anything and so far it’s looking great. It works great in hot weather as well, which is a plus for me, and I think it will be a great summer cushion. So far I’m not looking too dewy and glowy, which I like, so we’ll see throughout the day. So I think my Moonshot cushion foundation will end here because I have to get my makeup done for a photoshoot with Lohacell so I will update you guys finally tomorrow so I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s update! It is Day 7 of using the Moonshot, it will be my last day and today I’m supposed to go to a 한의원(oriental medicine clinic) to get like my skin treatment or like examined.

So I’m going to obviously have to take it off but I have like a final thought on this cushion and it’s basically: I love it and I think it’s great for dry skin. It will be perfect for the summer because even though it’s going to be hot and humid I felt like this cushion was very lightweight the coverage was great and. yeah, I don’t really know what else I have to say for a foundation review What would you say Sunny? She hasn’t tried the cushion but like what makes it cushion good for you? Sunny: Well, the longevity Joan: Oh yeah, it lasted me all day Sunny: Coverage? Joan: mm-hmm you know I didn’t even like 뭐지(what’s that called)? Like touch-up whenever I used this Sunny: Yeah and finishes Joan: Yeah, it’s great. Sunny: Just the feel of it in general. Erm, if you feel like it’s not too thick Sunny: but it gives you really great coverage and Sunny: just like everyone has their own, like, preferences when it comes to foundation Sunny: but I like those kind of type Right. And she’s not really into the netted cushion foundation Sunny: Tension Joan: Yeah tension (??) netted and I am not either I’ve tried something very similar to this from April skin and I don’t like April Skin. You know I don’t but I thought this was pretty good. The first time I tried it I was like oh the coverage isn’t really there but then the more I used it, I fell in love so today I’m going to show you guys just using this and then I’m going to set it up using the Lohacell powder Sunny: The No-Sebum Airize Powder Yeah, she recommend- . she actually gave me this and we are at this hotel for an event with Lohacell and I’m not getting paid to, you know, just feature this Sunny: Yeah we’re not, no we’re not. I just love the packaging of Moonshot products it’s just so like 뭐지(what do you call that)? Minimal It’s my style yeah but it’s so good I’m gonna have to take this off so I just wanted to give you guys a final review of this cushion and it is approved by me and it’s not because I love YG it’s actually pretty good She doesn’t understand. No she understands. Yesterday IKON’s music post came out and then she was like stop everything and then every time like Bobby and B.I came out she’s like (fangirl) that’s so funny and then I made her listen to Taeyang’s car commercial Sunny: It is true we can only see Taeyang, not the car Joan: yeah, like where’s the car Sunny: I feel like- I honestly think like if- I don’t know what they think though.. Like the car brand ? Joan: Lexus? Sunny: Yeah cause if I were the owner Sunny: I’ll be like I can only see that- I can only see Taeyang Sunny: like are we actually making profit? Out of this car? Joan: Yes they are. Joan: That’s a very expensive commercial probably Sunny: Oh really? yes and then I’m going to use the Lohacell powder This is my favorite product from Lohacell but then she was telling me that most of the skincare is pretty good as well Sunny: Yeah Joan: I’m excited because this is a 한의원(oriental medicine clinic) brand which is a medicinal brand in Korea? Right? Sunny: Yeah.

Oh you’re using the puff to- for powder? That’s interesting Why? What do you do? Sunny: For foundation for sure Joan: Oh really? You could see like, all the dust Sunny: It’s like all coming to me I’m like ugh Yeah this is what I do but I love this and then usually I go over it with foundation again Sunny: Guys, I really like when Joan does really thick, like a winged liner Sunny: because that time when you did it I really liked it Sunny: Can you guys tell her to wear it more often in her posts? I love it Joan: You know I’ve been- I’ve been doing it- I’ve been doing it everyday Joan: I’ve been doing it everyday Sunny: Really? Yeah, what is it two days ago I was hanging out- two days a couple days ago I was hanging out with Eddie and he was like you look different and I was like oh it’s the eyeliner I draw it thicker now and then I was like Sunny told me the same thing – to do it more often so I’ve been doing it Sunny: Yes, can you please comment down below Joan: No but they’ve been wanting a tutorial Sunny: Can you please comment a tutorial Joan: I’m not very good at makeup. It’s just, no Sunny: No you do, I like it. We’ll post a Get Ready With Me again probably Joan: But on her blog she’s uploading our Get Ready With Me Sunny: It’s coming up this week on Friday Oh, so it’ll be like by the time this post is uploaded maybe it’s up already If it is I’ll link it up there. If not, we’ll see Sunny: What is that? This is my favorite palette from Benefit Sunny: Where did you get it? Joan: It- Ivan gave it to me. I know so there’s like um blush and then contour and like highlighter/blush I just love using Hoola and mixing these two for the blush Sunny really likes vibrant, like really pinky like- you like colored blush Sunny: Yeah Joan: I like it when it’s a little more natural so I have to mix these two in order to get like that, California tan look, a little bit yeah Sunny: Yeah you like that I love that. Yes, so when I go to California this summer I’m a ten(/tan) Joan: I tan really easily, how ’bout you? Sunny: No. I get red Joan: You get red? Sunny: I get red, it’s ridiculous Joan: Really? / Sunny: Yeah Joan: I get really, I get tan in like 15 minutes out in the sun Sunny: I get like Sunny: Yeah I get, I get really red and my skin peels off, that’s really bad, yeah Sunny: I look like a, like, roasted tomato or something. So bad Joan: Well yes I’m going to tan, so that’s it Joan: This is my face routine? Face routine? Foundation routine? Sunny: What about your eyebrows? Sunny: You don’t need your eyebrows? Joan: well we’re gonna go to the 한의원 anyway Sunny: Oh yeah that’s true. Joan: Well, they’re kind of dark anyway I’m like my no-makeup makeup So I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial I think I’m going to do 3CE make up next so if you’re into that comment down below if not let me know which product you’d want to see like a full week of review of and this is kind of like a post style I really wanted to bring back posts in my- on my main blog so that’s why I’m doing it this way Sunny: Oh that’s really nice yeah I hope you guys enjoy it and I’ll see you guys in my next post Annyeong.

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