Mothers Day Love Letters

What order does this go in? Oh, it starts with Morgan and then it goes to here and then it goes up here and then the arrow goes over here. Where do I begin? You’ve taught me so much about being a designer, a strong woman and about life in general.

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I think the most valuable lesson you’ve taught me is to never take no for an answer. Your fearlessness has definitely rubbed off on me. Sharing this industry with you is a dream come true. I love that we can exchange ideas and inspire each other every day. I hope I have taught you to be strong, fearless and most of all, passionate about what you do and to have fun with it. It seems like yesterday when you would visit me in my design room and play dress up in all my runway samples and make your own little dress patterns for your birthday parties. You’ve taught me to be true to myself.

I feel like the luckiest daughter in the world to have you as my Mom. You are like the energizer bunny and I think that it’s all from how much passion that you have for what you do and it just makes me so excited about every day that I have ahead of me. I think it rubbed off on you. You are so talented, such a wonderful, beautiful, incredible person. Also, my best friend. I was gonna say that. You’re my best friend. Aww.

Mothers Day Love Letters

Kit and Cynthia

I’ll start off by saying I’m a very is this going to, wait! Is this going to make me cry? Do I need a box of kleenex? Your Mother’s Day gift to me a few years ago was one of the most thoughtful presents I have ever gotten. You named it the memory jar, and filled it with handwritten fragments of Mother/Daughter memories. Not only have I learned from her how to be fearless, and blog my creativity, she has also taught me how to use my strictly business mindset to my advantage. By the time I was 10, my best friend and I had started our own mini nail salon, while the other kids had to beg their babysitters for money, we could afford our own SpongeBob ice cream on the daily.. Hashtag, Ballers! You told me anytime I’m sad or miss you I can pull the memory jar out of my drawer and think about crazy lightening storms from the windows of airplanes, or chatting it up with Q-Tip. When she was selling a piece of Real Estate, the guy took one look at the two of us in floral spring dresses and braids, and already begun mansplaing which walls need to come down, and pointing out tiles that needed replacing.

My mom pleasantly explained that she had managed tons of construction jobs, and knew exactly what needed to be done already. It’s moments like these that by example, my mom taught me entrepreneurial life skills, and how to as she always tells me Never take no for an answer. The part that really shook me up, is that you were paying attention. You saw us as two besties, experiencing the world together. No matter what the memory, you dare me to recollect I’ll be thinking about you and the child you were that day. Cutting up a page of loose leaf paper, with your little fingers, making something special for your Mom. P.S.

I hope you keep adding to it, like you secretly have been. I know you’ve been adding to it, because there’s new ones. I love you Mommy, Happy Mother’s Day!.

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