Having the queezies is miserable, but there’s a trick to soothing them. Activating pressure points can give you quick relief, says wellbeing expert Skye Alexander

4 Locate the spot in the centre of your inner wrist, two finger-widths from the crease where the forearm and palm join. Press your right thumb on your left wrist for a minute; switch hands and repeat. Continue for as long as the queezy feeling persists.

4 Take a flask of ginger tea to sip. Pour hot water over sliced ginger; steep for 10 minutes; drink hot or cold.


I had had so much responsibility so young that I couldn not wait to get out on my own. Now I can see that I was just being a typical teenager, obsessed with her boyfriend and not wanting to do housework, or look after the little kids anymore! I was spending more and more time away from home, but Jason and I would stay there and eat there when it suited us, and I think this started to wear a bit thin with Mum. Eventually, we had a falling out, and I moved in with my cousin Stacey and her family. Jason was doing a second seventh-form year in New Plymouth so he could play basketball and was coming down to visit me whenever he could. My sister Rikki had been getting into trouble at Hawera High School, mixing with the wrong crowd, and Mum sent her to Dunedin to live with my aunty. Casey began to spend more time at Mum is to help out with the younger girls. Reading back over my diaries from this time, I was your typical angst-ridden teenager. In between all the mundane day-to-day stuff I was writing about (hanging out the washing, making dinner, going to basketball, shifts at work), there are entries about sulky arguments with Jason, and making up with gifts of flowers and chocolates in some ways we were like a married couple already! Two kids with a kid welcome to the world, Gabriel. My baby bump. With Fleur Marriner, the lady who took a chance on me and helped change my life.

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