Morzine, in the heart of the vast Portes du Soleil ski area, makes the perfect setting for Alpine weddings. Hold your wedding ceremony at the charming Chilly Powder chalet hotel, which offers a number of romantic locations within the hotel – from indoors around a large roaring fire to the sun terrace and snow-covered lawns with mountain backdrop. The pistes descend straight into the hotel gardens providing ski-in-ski-out access to the mountains.


She had probably been a bar-girl when she was a few years younger, who had done some soft whoring on the side, going with a customer who was good company and who she liked and was attracted to, beefing up her tip by sleeping with him. These ‘boat whores’ were usually in a collective of half a dozen or so, with a male minder. They screamed up at the crew leaning over the side, as they approached: Hey, Johnny! You want jiggy-jig? You want short-time? Thirty dollar? You want? They would thrust and grind their pelvises and shriek with laughter: Come on, Johnny! You want me, yeh! Me plenty good jiggy-jig! Me clean girl! Thirty dollar, short time, jiggy-jig! The crew would banter back at them: I give you five dollar, all-night jiggy-jig Cue outrage from the girls: You cheap, Johnny! You cheap! All night 60 dollar! Short time 30 dollar! More goading from the crew: How long short time? Four hour? No! No! No! Short time only one hour! One hour: 30 dollar! You cost too much! Twenty dollar for jiggy-jig for old woman like you! Real anger now from the girls: You bastard, Johnny! Me not old! You old! Me young girl! You bastard, Johnny, you bastard! You old-man bastard! Roars of laughter from the crew: Come on, old woman: come on ship and earn your 20 dollar! You bastard, Johnny! You cheap! We go Japan ship! We no like British ship! After the banter died down, one of the crew would throw a monkey-ladder over the stern and the girls would clamber onboard, squealing and shouting, and going below to the crew quarters for a short time. Brothels were invariably located near the docks, near the bars. I went in brothels on a number of occasions – not to partake, I hasten to add: I went when I was ashore with someone who wanted to visit, or with a group where someone felt the need. You don’t leave your friends and shipmates when you go ashore, even if the place where you had to go was strange, or repulsive, or dangerous, or all of these. You could never walk away and leave someone to go into the dark alone. This binding to my fellow shipmates, even when I wanted to be anywhere else except where I was being led, caused me to visit brothels, cock-fights, street fights, drug dens, sex shows: all manner of strange and dark places that I would not have gone to if I were on my own. I didn’t find brothels particularly repulsive, although sometimes they could be dangerous. An American GI threatened to break my arms one evening in the lounge of a brothel off Geylang Road, Singapore, because he thought I was staring at him.

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