From the Italian lakes and ultra stylish cities to its breathtaking coastline, few countries can cater for glamorous celebrity weddings with as much pazazz as Italy


‘Boat-girls’ were a different set of ladies. They lived and worked on the small wooden boats that came out to ships at anchor. Some were official craft – the water tanker, the food-stores boat, the engine-room-stores lighter – although most were unofficial vendors waiting for the Q flag to be hauled down to indicate that the ship had health clearance, at which time they would swarm onboard. A ship at anchor in the roads of Hong Kong or Bangkok or Singapore or any of the big Far East ports would be a honey pot to the flies. The Old Man sometimes gave orders not to let any girls onboard, but that was a losing battle. The crew would lower a monkey-ladder over the poop when no officers were there and the girls needed no time at all to be up the ladder and over the rail. They didn’t sneak aboard; they rushed up the ladder, like a river of lemmings in reverse. There were girls selling fruit and cold drinks: melons and rambutans and lychees and citrus and Coca Cola. They would take local currency, US dollars, pounds sterling, Deutschmarks, Japanese yen, Australian dollars or any major currency. They were as quick as machines in calculating exchange rates, which they always tipped in their favour.

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