My Everyday Face Makeup Routine

I apply facial lotion to my face everyday Because it’s really key for me not only does it keep my skin moisturize it also has SPF which is sun protection I apply it all over my face as well as my neck I always use liquid concealer to spot conceal my face and in doing. So I only applied concealer where I needed like my under-eye circles redness around my nose as well as some blemishes. And I leave the rest of my skin uncovered I think this gives me the most natural look and what I do is I just use my fingers. And I dab up the concealer just to blend it gently I apply lip balm to prep my lips for the lipstick using my Sephora powder brush and my Maybelline press powder. I’m going to apply it all over my skin to set the concealer as well as the lotion. And I find that this gives me a nice matte. But glowy look for brows I tend to use brow powder butts and usually for every day I use pencil.

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Because it’s a lot quicker and all I do is just shade in my eyebrow with short little strokes and then with the other side of the pencil I used to brush. And I just brush it out to give it a more natural look and now for eyes I always start by applying my favorite primer this is the Urban Decay primer potion and applying primer to your lids will ensure that your shadow stays put all day without creasing for eyeshadow I like using a shimmery pearl. And I apply this all over my lids especially in the morning when I look tired it really does help brighten up my eyes I use this shimmery beige color. And I apply this underneath my brows as a highlight I do find that this gives my brow a bit of a lift to define my eyes even more I use a light brown color. And I apply this right in the crease with my Sigma blending brush. And I blend this away to give it a really natural look doing this also creates deeper set eyes which makes me look more awake and all that some people think it’s a bit much. But I actually lined my eyes every single day I find that it makes a huge difference and.

Because I have almond shaped eyes it really does open it up even more, if you prefer something more natural go for brown eyeliner instead then I use a flesh tone or peach eyeliner. And I apply this to my waterline I find that doing. So helps make my eye look more bright in a week with my signature shader brush I pick up the light brown color again. And I apply this bright on my bottom lash line this helps make the peach eyeliner pop even more I curl my lashes with an eyelash curler. And I apply my favorite mascara which is the Lancome Hypnose mascara I apply this to my top lashes as well as to my bottom lashes. Because I find that it makes a huge difference. So that’s it for eyes now moving on to face I apply my favorite cream blush which is NYX natural.

And I use a duo fiber brush to apply this blush with. Because I’ve used my fingers before and it’s just way too blotchy this brush actually gives it a really airbrushed look using a blush brush. I’m going to pick up some pink blush this is a NYX blush in peach. And I apply this right over the cream blush and this makes my blush stay put for the whole day I love this combo and, if you want your lip color to stay put for a very long time then always apply lip liner this is NYX liner in nude pink and it’s my absolute favorite it also makes my lipstick last a lot longer than it would normally and one of my favorite everyday lipsticks is this nude pink color this is Laurie Elle’s lipstick and fairest knit this color matches the lip liner perfectly then I go back to the shimmery white eyeshadow again and just with my fingers I place this color right in the inner corner of my eyes this will bring light to your eyes and make it look even brighter I even use this white eyeshadow. And I place it right above my lips this will define my Cupid’s bow. So this is basically my everyday look I hope you guys enjoy this post. And I’ll talk to you in another one bye.

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