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What’s up friends? It’s Emily Curl here with my blog and today I’m walking you through my everyday morning routine for fall. If you know me, you know I’m a huge beauty buff. As the seasons change, so do my products. So today I’ve pulled three of my absolute favorite skin-care products that I’m going to walk you through. And after we talk about my skin-care routine, I’m going to show you one of my favorite makeup looks for fall. Behind every great skin-care routine is a great face wash. One of my absolute favorites is this micellar facial gel wash. It’s really, really gentle on your skin. I love using this one because it leaves my skin feeling very hydrated, very refreshed, and very taken care of. Alright so before we get onto the next product, I’m gonna go wash my face. And I’m back. And I’m feeling so clean.

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And now I have this nice fresh palette to really layer on to. I’m going to start with this Artichoke serum. The one thing about me is I do kind of have larger pores on my cheeks here. It’s creating an even base for me Now we’re onto step number three: moisturizer. This is my favorite step because this is my favorite product. It’s call Embryolisse. I was first introduced to this by one of my favorite makeup artists and I truly haven’t used anything since. It’s such a great moisturizer, great for everyday use, and also really hydrating. And it smells amazing. And I love it so much. It’s not going to be a very quick-drying moisturizer, but your skin is going to feel really, really hydrated all day. And if you have any excess product, just go ahead and bring it down so you can really keep your neck hydrated too. Now that you’ve seen my fall skin-care routine, I’m going to show you my go-to fall makeup look. The first thing I always start with is brows. I’m a big brow person and I fill mine in religiously every single day. I typically start on the upper side and I’m just going to gently start filling in to add a bit more shape to it.

If you add a little too much product or your lines are looking a little too sharp, this is where the spoolie comes in. Just so you can blend it out a little more. Now that my brows are all set, I’m gonna go ahead and move onto my face. So if you’re like me and really just wear SPF or tinted moisturizer in the summer and then you don’t want to transition to your full winter foundation, I have just the right combination for you. I love using this bareMinerals tinted moisturizer. I can apply this all over my face for a nice even tone. One thing bareMinerals does really, really well is allowing a lot of layering options. So I’m going to start and use this as my base. Next up, I’m going to add in my Nars concealer. And just put it underneath my eyes or on any red spots on my face. And this will really just brighten my skin. And just provide a bit more coverage. The skin underneath your eyes is really delicate and as soon as you apply concealer, you can start seeing those little tiny creases come up. So before I get started on anything else, I’m going to apply this Laura Mercier Setting Powder just right underneath so that way I can avoid any creases in my eyes. Next up it’s time for my favorite part and it’s eyeshadow. There are so many great eyeshadow palettes out right now that are really playing into these fall colors.

Now before I start adding those colors in, I’m also just going to use this Vapor Eyeshadow Primer just to get a nice base down. I’m just gonna start with a super neutral base. And I’m using Heaven. And I’m going to sweep it right underneath my browbone to add just a little bit of highlight there. Next up, I’m just gonna go for another really, really neutral base. So I’m going to use Honey Butter just on my lids. I’m going to add in a bit more of that bronzy smoky color. So I’m going to use Hot and Bothered. I’m adding these colors just right into the crease. I’m just gonna keep blending it out until it feels a little bit more neutral. I’m big into lower lashline shadow. So normally when I have a nice cut crease, I’ll always bring it down below my eyes. And I really feel like this brings the look together. So to add a little extra sparkle, I’m just going to use this lighter shimmery color called Fairy Tale. One of my favorite trends this fall is a lot of undereye makeup. I’m not a big top liner girl, but I always go a little smoky and smudgy on the bottom.

So it’s really great to use these smudgy glide-on pencils so you can really move that color around. And then just to amp up that color a little more, I’m gonna use this Makeup and Chill with a flat brush. And I’m just going to smudge at the bottom. And this is just to add a bit more definition and color. The best thing about these fall colors is that they’re all really blendable and go so well together. So you can kind of mix and match your own colors here. And I’m going to do this sparkly Undercover color. To finish, I’m gonna curl my lashes really quickly. To complete the eyes, I’m just going to add in this voluminous lash mascara from L’oréal. It’s super pigmented, really, really thick, and has such a great brush to really get that product on there. If you don’t have this, you ain’t living. To make my face match my eyes, I’m just going to warm it up a touch. So I’m using this Too Faced Bronzer. It’s a nice matte bronzer and it’s a really, really easy bronzer to use without feeling like you’re caking any product on. So this will really warm you up on a nice chilly fall day. To complete my bronzy look, I’m going in with this Clinique bronzer.

I’ve had this for years, but honestly just anything sparkly, anything bronzy will really bring out those warm tones. And at the end of the day, if you’re feeling a touch too oily. You can go back in with your Laura Mercier Setting Powder and just add it in on some of your oily spots. And last but not least, I’m going to add a lip. Since my eyes were a little heavier and darker and I have a nice bronzy glow going on, I’m just gonna go super soft. So I’m using this Neutrogena lip gloss. This is just going to tie the whole look together, but just keep it really soft so the main focus is on the eyes. There you have it: my completed fall look, one of my favorite go-tos. I hope it leaves you feeling inspired to trying something like this at home. Happy fall y’all! Thanks so much for reading my fall skin-care and go-to makeup routine. What fall trends are you loving right now? Let us know in the comments below. And to comment to my blog, click on comment button. And to read more posts, click on comment button. We’ll see you next time!.

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