My July Makeup & Beauty Favorites

Hey everyone Keely here it’s time for my July favorites and I have a new background yes um I’ll really happy to not match my background anymore I think it’s a step in the right direction I’ll also experimenting with some new lighting. So hopefully over the next couple months you and I together will take some steps toward better production value in my posts and I think it’s just going to be a good thing. So I’ll excited about it and I hope you guys are too. So let’s just go ahead and jump into some June or July favorites jump into skincare first This a new body wash I’ve been loving it by the brand sheaf moisture it has argan oil and raw sheaf body wash with frankincense and myrrh. So it has a lot of good things in it I love on the side gears all the things that it doesn’t have it doesn’t have parabens paraffin gluten glycol mineral oil synthetic fragrance animal testing be no pa be no synthetic color no DEA and no sulfates. So it is free of all of the bad things basically and it smells pretty good.

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I mean it’s kind of like a mix of fresh linen sweet pea and a little bit of rose it’s almost grandmotherly but it’s not although you might want to smell it before you buy it just to make sure that you agree with me but it’s been really good because my skin gets. So irritated by body washes my skin is just felt moisturized and soft and nice and not a she or itchy or anything at all. So I’ve just been really happy with it and you can get it at target for it’s about eight to ten dollars I can’t remember but the brand is really great and I love it’s a body wash I had been using the soaps as you guys know but bar soaps I’ve decided that I’ll just categorically against bar soaps are just a pain to use and I don’t like them. So I’ll not going to anymore I have this one and I’ll very glad for that now for shampoo and conditioner I have added into my shampoo and conditioner routine the Fekkai essential Shea shampoo and conditioner I thought this would be way too heavy for my hair but I started using it and it’s amazing it makes my hair really soft and shiny um and it just feels amazing after I use it. So I use this every other shower partially to conserve it because it’s super expensive and partially because I’ll afraid if I was to use it for weeks on end as because my hair is fine it would weigh it down oh if any of you guys have curly or thick hair might be a good option for you but I really been loving it I’ve added this into my routine and it just made a huge difference and I really enjoy it the final thing that I’ve added into my hair routine is the it’s a miracle leave-in plus keratin I am the last person to try this on YouTube I’ll sure of it and it’s really good I used the original I went through two bottles of this size and one bottle that was double the size of this of the original. So I really liked it and I did that last year and then I kind of moved on to other things and I decided to try this one on because a lot of people were saying it’s better than the original and I completely agree at least my hair a lot softer and I just like it a little bit better in general. So it is definitely a favorite for me I’ve been doing that all with my glossing cream and then that shampoo and conditioner plus my logy stuff that I talked about before and my um we’ve my deep conditioner from L’Oreal and my hair has just been amazing lately.

I’ve been really happy with it. So that’s all of the favorites for my hair lately now on to makeup I am. Sorry we’re not in last month’s post I should not have had that in my thumbnail when I first published last month’s favorites these were in my thumbnail and people were a little bit upset they weren’t in the post I’ll very sorry but here we go ramble apocalypse show-off lip lacquers they’re amazing on their a very highly pigmented gloss and. So you kind of put it on and in one swipe it just kind of covers immediately like. So um. So it’s really cool because it is light wearing like a gloss it’s not heavy like lipstick it’s also shiny like a loss um you can use the grooved side of it to apply a lot of product or you can use the flat side to apply a little bit. So you can get more or less color depending on your application all of those things are very nice they do last really well on the lips they fade off really well without being patchy or flaky which is also wonderful the only thing is that they are not klutz proof you have to look in the mirror when you apply them and you can’t have your hair flying around like for me my hair gets caught in my lip gloss like ninety-nine percent of time and if it happens with this I end up with like a giant pink streak across my face and that’s not cute. So that’s the only thing is that I tend to wear these either when it’s not Wendy or more my hair’s up and I’ll safe because otherwise I’ll going to end up with it all over my face. So that’s the only downside to them but they are really cool if you already have a bright statement lip product that you love I don’t know that there I must have but they are really cool for what they are they’re a novel concept they’re the only thing that I know of like that in the drugstore. So if you are a makeup junkie or you really just enjoy experimenting with different makeup it’s a good thing to try out if you’re interested my find out we’ll make up favorite friend July I actually wore every single day in July every time I put makeup on my face I wore this which is saying quite a lot for me it’s the benefit most famous neutrals ever and This the most glamorous neutrals Ida potted it. So it’s no longer than the pretty packaging but it’s these for eyeshadows right here and then it came with two cream eyeshadow really wanted this one which is called my two cents it’s a beautiful kind of bronze eagle I really love it these are the colors that I use all the time no matter what. So it’s helpful for me to have them in one palette I like the payoff of the eyeshadows although I have to admit that they’re not as pigmented as you usually find in a high-end eyeshadow. So you should swatch them first or at least look at swatches online before buying but overall I think it’s a great buy like I said I’ve been wearing it every single day it’s just a new complete love of mine that.

I wanted to share with you guys and here we go final favorite it’s completely random but it is fit popcorn buy popcorn indiana this stuff is amazing what I love about it is that it’s non-gmo corn I don’t know where they find that it’s air-popped and the ingredients are popcorn non GMO canola oil and sea salt that’s it. So it’s completely allergen-free it is processed on machinery that does process some allergens. So depending on your food allergies it might be a problem but it’s great for you it’s super healthy there are calories in this entire bag and This the perfect size that I can throw in my bag with my tote or whatever going to the movies this summer I’ll not a big movie goer except in the summertime when it’s summer blockbuster season and they’re all the movies that I want to see come out at once and I like popcorn at the movie theater but I am a health nut and I’ll allergic to everything. So I had to something that was kind of you know conducive for my needs and This completely it tastes great they have other flavors but I like the original sea salt one and there’s not many calories and I’ll not allergic to it and I can just stick it in my bag and nobody will know and it’s it’s perfect. So that’s it I hope you guys are enjoying the new background and hopefully the lighting looks good in this post.

I felt quite a few posts with this new background and I’ve noticed that sometimes the lighting looks really good and sometimes it doesn’t look. So good. So I’ll working on figuring out what makes it good. So that I can keep doing that and hopefully we will just keep progressing towards amazing production value on my posts that is my goal sorry again last month I was gonna have more posts up but I got sick really sick last week and I don’t know if you can still hear to my voice it’s a little bit there and all I had left to do on the posts for last week was to do the voiceover that I lost my freaking voice. So anyway I have like six or seven posts ready to go. So I am going to be here and present this month and I’ll very excited about that and I would really enjoy it and I would find it extremely helpful if you guys would comment below and tell me like your top three favorite posts to see from me I know everybody likes or a lot of people like braided updos and of course I’ll always going to be doing up to you Simon hair tutorials and I’ll always going to be doing braids because I think brides are just part of my DNA at this point but I really do just want to hear from you guys what do you love to see from me why does something that really excites you when you see that I’ve uploaded a certain kind of post because I really am trying to kind of rethink everything that I’ll doing here. So that I’ll the best that I can be for you guys and I think you guys are going to help me to do that. So definitely leave me a comment below just tell me what one of your favorite things that I do is I would just help me as I go forward and as I play on posts going forward to. So I can kind of see what to plan for you guys. So that’s it I love you guys very much and I will see you guys on Thursday with my next post ba-bye.

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