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Hey Everyone can t here with my March favorites how obvious is it that I am ready for spring with these clothes that I have on I just feel like I look very springy today I am going to try to do these as fast as I can I’ll just going to pretend the whole time like my battery is dying and we’ll just see that helps me at all but I’ll still going to try to talk more slowly because I know that I talked to quickly when I get excited. So this could be a fun one guys ok. So let’s start with hair stuff because that’s why I do the most on this my blog first of all I’ve been loving hairstyles like this that look like they’re about to fall apart but don’t I don’t know what it is I just think that they’re really pretty and they’re really easy and quick. So when I’ll in a hurry or my hair isn’t all the way dry like I did this morning it just really works for me. So that would be my first hair favorite of the month second your favorite is finally another drugstore product I found the Tresemme heat protector spray that.

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I’ve just been loving like crazy told you guys about that before now I found this one a lot of you guys recommended this to me it was the organics hydrating macadamia oil intensive repair moisture mask lon name but it’s really good at really notice with this one it does help to me my hair shinier and more silky and I stephannie leave my favorite masks that I’ve tried out in the drugstore. So I think it’s a really good option for those of you guys who don’t want to spend thirty dollars on a mask because that’s a lot of money this works I think as well as a lot of the really expensive masks that I’ve tried and it’s got a really great price point s factors smoothing luster Iser basically it’s just supposed to go over your hair and make it shiny and smooth and get rid of phrase it doesn’t nourish your hair at all it’s not a conditioning treatment is just to smooth down frizz um but it also has an amazing said it smells like strawberries and it has these little tiny glittery particles like little little tiny but when you go out on the side of your hair sparkles and that’s my favorite thing about this product thing is my favorite thing about this product is that it smells like strawberries and it sparkles and that is the entire reason why I haven’t been able to stop it’s not that it’s an amazing smoother or D freezer or anything like that I’ve actually tried better products as far as that goes but it smells. So good and it leaves glitter on my hair and I can’t stop using it. So I had to tell you guys about it cuz I’ve been addicted to it but I don’t know if I recommend that you go out and buy it yet. So I’ll crushing on this product and I just had to share it with you. So just take that for what is alright. So my next one is the end route spray job. So they send me this and I was honestly like I don’t know what I’ll gonna use the spray gel because I have like stick straight hair I don’t know what.

I’ll going to use it for I’ve been doing a lot of heatless curls I will tell you guys about that have a tutorial on it soon don’t worry but this has really been helping me with that like as far as getting hauled in my hair because my hair loses a curl easily and helping to like scrunch my hair because once I have the curls in my hair sometimes there’s some phrase that I have to fight and I spray this into the frizzy curls and scrunch it and they become pretty curls. So I’ve just really been loving it for that and I’ll sure there’s a million other uses that all find for a spray gel but I was just really happy to number one how to use for it and the number to find out that I really helped. So another thing that I love about the end route products is that they’re sulfate free and paraben free and this one is infused with shea butter. So it’s actually going to be nourishing to your hair it helps invite some little frizz in your curls. So that is the next favorite finish off the hair category I’ll going to talk about two of my favorite tool ish things I’ve been loving and the first one are these flat hair ties you just lose them like a little hair scrunchie they’re just different looking the most hair scrunchies I like about them is because they’re. So wide it is input as focus of pressure on your hair. So it actually disperses it a little bit more which helps to fight against breakage. So Thisn’t going to break your hair as much it’s also not going to leave that annoying little dent in your hair that you get when you put it in a ponytail as long as you put it up when your hair is dry you shouldn’t get as much or no dipped from using these which is good they do get bent out of shape when you use them but all you have to do is just wet them down and then lay them flat to dry and they’ll dry and look good as new and you can use them again. So I really love these I actually started making my own because I was going to them. So quickly and I couldn’t find anywhere where you could get them for less than a dollar a hair tight. So I just made my own but I think that they’re really great and they look cute on your wrist as well you can suck them with your your arm candy and it works there as well final hair product is the Mariana bobby pins I really love these bobby pins and there is such a difference between these and anything I’ve ever tried in the drugstore and I know that it seems like bobby pins are just bobby pins but you guys know. So if you guys might have tried different kinds of arguments and you can see a difference the thing is these are really strong a not as flimsy of metal which is the first good thing the second thing is that they’re really tight together it’s kind of hard to pull them apart which is frustrating when you’re putting it in the hair but awesome once it’s in there because it holds really tightly in the hair and third they don’t stretch out as easily. So they’re great for you girls with thicker hair. So you can find these at Sally’s for seven or eight dollars there’s over in a box like this. So it will last you forever unless you’re me then it will last you like two months you guys know I have been on a concealer hunt This my favorite one for my hyper pigmentation that I have around my mouth area it’s not for bumps or anything like that.

I really do just have like red and purple spots from leftover acne and This great is the match perfection by Rimmel and it’s a very luminous full-coverage concealer. So it really does a good job at hiding all of those imperfections but it does have a nice luminous somewhat dewy finish. So that it goes on with some more natural-looking foundation. So that’s what I like about it because I like to wear a more dewy foundation but if I wear like a mac concealer with that it looks a little silly. So This really helpful to use with a more dewy foundation however it would be terrible to use over acne spots. So don’t put it on any like actual sits that you might have because then it would show up it would make it actually show up more and it can work for under the eyes if you don’t have very dark under eyes or you don’t have any wrinkles I have deep wrinkles under my eyes and increases for me. So I can’t use this one under my eyes but for my fam entation it’s amazing how to mention this because I’ve been using it for over two years now This my third one and it is the estee lauder double wear loose mineral powder and I’ve an intensity one because you know I’ll pale and I love this up I have yet to find a powder that performs as well as this has to show a nice luxurious texture to it’s very like luminous matte texture I don’t even know how to explain it but it mattifies but it doesn’t look like pasty it makes you look like porcelain almost like it’s. So very glowy um and it gets rid of the oil but it doesn’t make you look like flat or cakey or powdery it’s just really beautiful and what’s frustrating to me about it is that it has a very high SPF. So I can’t wear it if I’ll going to be photographed which is when I want my skin to look the most beautiful but every day like This what I go to it’s. So beautiful I can’t get myself away from it and this has a ton of coverage as well which is fantastic I wear it with just concealer at school because you know a couple ontology school you have to have like your makeup done but my makeup looks done with just powder and concealer going to use this powder and that’s what I really love about it aunt it’s going darker I have been really into my bronzers I’ve been using benefits hoola bronzer and too faced chocolate soleil bronzer This just a little sample size but they’re both really good the chocolate Soleil bronzer is super dark I only use this one for my contour it sounds a tiny bit lighter what I like about both of these is that they blend really well I’ve been trying to find drugstore bronzers that I like however being is fair as I am if I wear a bronzer over it and it gets patchy at all it becomes very obvious very quickly. So I’ve tried all of the really staple like really famous drugstore bronzers and I had like locate relationships with them but these I just really like. So I’ll going to finish off with skincare and last time I did a post is walking about my skincare I was still using clinic and I told you guys I was really good happy with it and I was looking to switch. So I have been switching off of that I’ve been like purchasing other products to try and just kind of like looking around seeing what works for my skin and I landed awesome products that you guys have heard a lot about and I’ll sorry if you don’t want to hear any more about them but it’s been the michael time to organize products I actually purchased some more myself just to try out because they had sent me some and I really liked them.

I wanted to purchase some more for myself and just see what I thought. So the product I wanted to tell you guys about today is the avocado and mango hydrating facial mouse the thing as my skin used to be really oily and now was switched over to being dry and. So kind of having reformulate not only my skin care but also my make up for that because I was. So oily before that the stuff I was using doesn’t work anymore but one thing I noticed with my skin becoming more dries that it looks more dull as a look as glowy and radiant as it used to naturally. So I’ve been using this because it has a lot of really good ingredients in it um that you can read on the site if you want typically they’re all about nourishing and revitalizing your skin and hydrating your skin. So giving back all the stuff that you might be lacking if you have drier skin and it also has salicylic acid in it to help just gently exfoliate off anything that you need to get rid of. So many flakiness that you might be experiencing that’s something that I really loved just because I was really missing that radiance in my skin it was one thing that I really enjoyed about my skin and losing it was really sad for me. So getting this back was just really happy and. So I wanted to tell you guys about that they did send me a coupon code because I made the post before and they were like hey if you ever want to make a post on us again here’s a coupon code you can put in your post and it’s for twenty percent off your entire order for an entire year I don’t even have to like purchase anything if you feel like you might want something from them in the next year and you might want to just come on it you can click through the link in the description box I’ll getting paid to talk about that.

I purchased that myself. So nothing crazy going on here just a great coupon code that you guys can use and I thought would be really nice for you guys and something that I am certainly going to take advantage of as well if you guys I’ve tried anything I talked about in this post tell me in the comments and if you have any more things that you think I should try especially drugstore hair products let me know in the description box you guys gave me a great recommendation with that mask I would love to try some more stuff from the drugstore and be able to utilize that my posts. So go ahead leave it comments let me know and I will see you guys on Wednesday with another post oh I the product that I wanted to tell you guys about today is the because they’re. So wide it actually helps to disperse the what I like about them is that because they’re. So wide it doesn’t fit as much of a focused on what’s the word I’ll looking for oh there we go what I like about them is because they’re. So wide it is um put as focus of pressure on your in there is an art to making talking posts because you have to talk you know slowly or at least not overly quickly but you have to go through things quickly but you have to still be bubbly and not get lost in the bat you’re trying to get something done and holy cow it’s a lot.

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