My New Hair Color How I got my ombre highlights

Guys I look ridiculous right now let me explain why last January or actually no two months ago in January got my hair colored I got some highlights in it and you guys have been asking me about my highlights about what I asked for about how you could get them yourself and I was gonna make a post on them and I actually got my hair colored last Friday and I was like oh I’ll just make the post on what I had before the same time is my post on my new color because I thought they were gonna be a little bit more similar but they’re not. So I have to explain my previous color and then show you guys my new color and I’ll only trying to decide whether I should do that with this hat on or not because I really do look like ridiculous right now okay I’ll just gonna go for it if you can’t see who I look right now just open up another window and start scrolling through Pinterest while I talk okay you just listen to me. So what I had said before was that I wanted some kind of ombre highlights through my hair I didn’t want a perfect ombre because I don’t like that gradient of like perfectly brown to like a transition color to like a light color like all the way perfectly through I feel like that I had its moment but that’s probably a little bit done now. So I wanted I’ll bring highlights and I actually made the decision the day before.

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I got my hair color that I wanted to go darker up at my base. So I was in LA I had Matt mother head from the Kimbo salon at the montage in Beverly Hills that’s a long name of come over and he did my hair and he did a fantastic job I really loved it he did a semi-permanent color up here to get me a little bit darker which washed out within like two weeks. So I don’t know if you guys even really got to see it before it kind of went away and then he did my highlights down here and what he did for that was just to balayage it which means he kind of freed hand painted it on which is definitely something that you have to have somebody that’s experienced to do because that is a tricky technique let me tell you. So he did that I have some little footage of that. So I’ll kind of probably like flash that around here but I really liked how it looked you guys liked how it looked I liked having it later but the thing was that the darker color that I really wanted washed out really quickly and I missed that a lot. So I kind of wanted to do something different after that which is why I got my hair right oh my gosh I just looked in the viewfinder and saw myself again I like. So silly anyway. So that is what we did on my hair before and you guys could ask your stylist for that I really recommend I’ll gonna talk about this later but I really recommend bringing in a picture. So if you find something that you like you know get the picture save it on your phone and print it out bring it in to your stylist that’s gonna be the best way but what I had was kind of like ombre highlights or off the scalp highlights. So you could talk to your stylist about creating something like that on you but that’s what I have before. So now I’ll going to show you what I have now and here’s like hair color. So I went brunette yeah I went a lot darker and I was expecting um it’s still like an ombre highlight like I still have little ombre headaches to the bottom as honestly expecting them to be a little bit lighter on that’s kind of what I was going for my ended up being a little darker and I’ll kind of happy with it because it’s a lot more subtle asking me in the comments like don’t you think that the ombre is going out why would you do that in your hair isn’t it like going out of trend and all that kind of stuff I’ll like yeah I think in some ways it is I think as far as having like a really drastic one especially if it’s like dark dark brown to black to like platinum blonde the bottom is a perfectly painted gradient that Matt’s definitely had its moment but I think as the technique ombre is here to stay just like highlights like in you guys remember like stripes for a highlight. So you have that crazy like strikey strikey strikey highlights and in retrospect that was not cute but highlights have stayed around and obviously nobody wears them in stripes anymore sometimes people do but generally people don’t but I think ombre is gonna need this kind of same thing because it is very natural-looking.

I really like how it adds in that dimension I think it’s just gonna be you know one of those new techniques that sticks around. So that’s why I’ll not afraid to have it in my hair but it is also why you know it’s a little bit more subtle just because I think that it’s probably where it’s gonna end up going. So that’s why I wasn’t upset when it came out a little bit more subtle than I was anticipating because I was like you know what at the end of the day that’s probably more on trend anyway it’s probably a little bit I decided to go darker because I’ve actually wanted to go brunette for about five months and it was kind of like in the back of my mind cuz I knew I couldn’t go any lighter like I’ll really pale I really couldn’t go any lighter than I was cuz then I would just look like all washed out like a little ghost or something like that um. So I knew if I did anything I would have to go darker. So I was thinking you know that would be fun I would kind of like to do that and then I did the style of haul last look shoot where they made me into Spencer for Pretty Little Liars and if like this temporary brown hair dye. So I was brunette and I loved it and it was. So funny because that was actually one of the things that I was a little like weird about because I was a little afraid that like the dye was gonna stay in my hair because sometimes temporary night dye can do that and I was a little terrified and. So I was actually like kind of annoying about it like I’ll actually kind of scared about getting the brown in my hair but once I got it in my hair I loved it like I loved how it looked with my skin and my eye color and I liked that the makeup artist could do like this really dark makeup and it like it looked like a smoky eye but if I wore that with my blonde hair it would have looked like crazy over the top like you can’t even wear that out kind of thing. So I just really liked it I liked how it looked with me and I like that I can do more makeup now because the thing is when you have really light hair and really light skin every little bit of makeup shows up kind of why I decided to get in the darker hair and I definitely wanted to keep the highlights just because I like how it looks and also because I really need that dimension in my hair for tutorials because the thing is if your hair is all flat and like one color and you trying to do like an updo on it just doesn’t show up as well as if you had highlights. So I definitely knew that I wanted some kind of dimension in my hair or else my posts were going to kind of fall flat because you wouldn’t be able to see as much of what I was doing. So that’s why I have what I have now and I’ll still thinking that maybe it’s gonna depend actually filmed the hair tutorial yet but if I film tutorials and I feel like it doesn’t have enough to mention that I might get some highlights put it gonna give it a couple of weeks and if I feel like I still need more dimension in my hair I’ll gonna go ahead and put some highlights in but I’ll gonna give it a couple weeks just to kind of let my cuticle my hair heal on my hair kind of recover from being colored before I do anything else. So that’s kind of where.

I am right now I’ll really excited I really like it I hope you guys do too I know some of you guys won’t. So if you might have already commented and said like oh my gosh I miss your old hairs that face that face that face teary face exclamation points I understand but just breathe and maybe we can all just adjust because at first it took me a little while to adjust like I said I really want to bring that hair but it was still terrifying to me when I really got I was like oh my gosh it’s. So different and I had to keep like staring at myself in the mirror and eventually I got to where I was like okay I like it I’ll good but it did take me a little minute to catch on to that. So if it takes you guys a little while to I understand but hopefully we can all just be happy about it and This the sign for happy simile what the stylist said I wanted a really broken up with hombre highlights basically I didn’t want an hombre but hombre highlights just like before and. So she went through and painted each section from the bottom to the top and started out putting my base color on and then with each section especially on the bottom she would face in an ombre and then do another little section right next to that and do it all the way down just doing the base color and then do like another section with an ombre and then as we got through the top she actually put some of the light pieces through up here. So it was kind of like a little bit of highlights up here as well. So it was very time taking time taking it took a long time I don’t know what braids I was trying to see right there and just took a long time.

I think it was worth it I like the look what you could say if you wanted something similar at your stylist is that you want ombre highlights and then I would definitely bring in a picture like if you find a picture of one that you like then bring that in and that way your stylist can see exactly how much you’re talking because you might want less highlight. So then I have you might want a lot more than I have and that’s really good to kind of have a picture to show your stylist what you’re thinking of because let me tell you every time somebody brings a picture in for me when I’ll doing here it helps me. So much because when people bring umm or people just start saying things they can say I want Umbra headaches but they might be saying one thing and thinking one thing and I might something and think something completely different but you know communication is just hard. So pictures make it easier and I’ll going to go ahead and put it in the description box and pictures that I think are similar to what I have and you guys can screencap in here at any point if you want to experience have a picture of my hair and show that to your stylist that’s totally fine as well and I think that’s it I hope you guys have a great day I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and I will see you guys on Friday with my next post I am ridiculous talking posts stress me out they really do I don’t know why okay there’s a ball we can lose some hair somewhere story of my life gosh I love these waves I wish I feel like right click save as with my hair and then just like paste it every day just like wake up and be like push a button in my hair just turns into what I want it to be just like that you like my shirt I’ll like a bumble bee like a very fashionable coral bubbly I’ll going to stop.

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