Hi everyone, The capsule wardrobe series goes on and we are in week 3. Last week I gave you a kind of checklist or guidance to help you plan your wardrobe. Today I’m going to show you my capsule wardrobe plan including colors I’m following the same method as the one I gave you last week, so if you haven’t seen that post yet Have a look there. First, the weather. in the country where I live which is Germany we have four clear different seasons So I’m planning with 30 pieces per season, but I don’t want to end up with 120 pieces (4 times 30) I’d like to give 30 pieces for fall and then Take 15 pieces from fall into winter, this way every season 4 times a year, I only have to replace half of my wardrobe. That’s the kind of system I’m going for. The next question is the lifestyle question mine is mixed, hybrid I would say on a daily basis I like to dress really casual very comfortable when I’m working look at this very comfortable on a daily basis only But then when I have important meetings or when I need to make a public appearance I like to draw on to bolder pieces, garments, shoes and accessories to really make a statement I like that, so for the purpose of this post I’m going to focus only on my casual, private wardrobe. Then, What’s my style? it is not extravagant It’s a bit chic, but still casual. I like pants more than dresses But in fact I also enjoy wearing skirts just because it’s in between If I dress casually let’s say Then I need one element to stand out and be loud if I dress in one color.


Then I need one completely opposite touch of color just to Break the homogeneity, so in fact my style is Contrasted. I hate it when everything goes perfectly together from head to toe and I have to add One detail that says Do not put me in that box Then the body type question my body is a pear shape But I like to keep my shoulders a bit wide a bit sporty through regular sports because I like strong shoulders And I enjoy highlighting mine because I’m happy with the results that’s how I feel with my body in terms of colors I enjoy wearing black a lot. That’s a fact if you’ve been reading my posts You’re probably nodding your head right now because I wear black a lot It’s true, but I also like intense colors like bright red, for example on a lipstick But not only, or a very warm yellow. I hate orange. I don’t own anything orange I think orange makes me look sick literally so you avoid that I also stay away from pastel colors in general because I’m Not girly and cute enough for that. I’m more bolder more intense color person I wouldn’t wear white in full of winter because it gets dirty too too quickly in my country rains too much So in terms of neutrals, I’m deciding that for fall I want to go with black gray and navy blue Those are gonna be my neutrals so to speak and then my dominant colors are going to be blue green and red violet Decided no. What do I already have in my closet that fits all the criteria I mentioned so far? and what do I want to have in my closet so what’s missing to complete my wardrobe here?

I plotted the different categories to fill in and the color palette that I have just chosen black, navy blue and gray, Blue green and red violet, you know this list of items if you watched last week’s post I explained it all there. First I’m gonna write the number of items I want for each category, this way I get my proportions right Overall I want more tops and over tops than bottoms That’s a regular standard proportion your wardrobe here is my list I want 13 tops, 10 over tops and seven bottoms including one dress which I put here But you could put the dress in another category it doesn’t matter once I have a I can decide which colors those elements should have or recently for example I will take two black t-shirts, one gray, one blue green t-shirt I Also need one knitted top to be black and have long sleeves But I get back to the description of the items in a minute. The blouses, which are my more Chic tops Will be navy blue, blue-green, and red-violet Etcatera. I fill in everything. I split my pieces between all the colors And I can adapt it If I see that I end up with too much of one color compared to the others.For instance, if I end up with too Much black which would be a classic result for me Then I raised some black and replace with more colors. At the end I have a good overview of what I want to have in my wardrobe including quantities and colors I did this list in Excel for time reasons because it’s the fastest when you could also Use colored chips put them on a mood board A physical one, use colored pencils and draw that on a paper or use watercolor or you can use cutout from magazines It’s super inspiring and this moment of planning is really yours so use the method that speaks to you most Here is my overview and you can pause at this point if you want to have a closer look at it for each piece now I have a description and the color.

Then I go double-check my closet if there are pieces on my list on my plan that I already own like a good pair of jeans I already have that I’ll mark it and I’ll use a different color to mark the pieces that I don’t have and that I still need to find That’s my shopping list so this is my shopping list To help you plan your shopping list and actually have it with you when you go shopping. There are really good apps available I will list a couple of options in the description below for Android or iPhone depending on what you have But there are plenty of options I’ll give you a few with those apps you can take pictures of the pieces you already own So that’s your virtual closet. I saved a couple of pictures here Just to show you how it works you can complete this closet with pictures from the internet pictures of pieces that you don’t own yet, but that you’re considering buying Then you can build looks to test if the pieces work together And I like that function a lot, you can even make a note of which occasion and which season they look you’re creating is four That is smart because when you go from one season to the next you can keep the looks change them a little bit Keep some of the outfits completely You know I’m taking 15 pieces from each season into the next season in my case so that function is real helpful Having an app like this when you go shopping with you having your closet in your pockets on your phone Really helps by only things that really work with your actual wardrobe you saw two options in this post the first one was a Logical table built in excel on my computer that works if you’re a logical person left brain and like logics And if you’re more a visual person a creative person then the version with the app where you see the actual outfits And you can build your looks might feel more intuitive inspiring and useful in the end The overview of comments that you saw in this post is really the way I would structure my wardrobe So now you know if I can find the pieces and the colors I want so that’s why it would look like But a capsule wardrobe is not a one-shot thing you plan on one day, and then it’s done. You start You see how it works, and you adapt and you do loops.

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