Hi everyone! This post is for you, if you feel uncomfortable in the tummy area. May be a permanent thing or a temporary phenomenon. There are many good reasons why you might wanna conceal your tummy at the moment. U.. For instance, you went on holiday and you ate too much, to France. U.. So may be you gained a bit of weight or you are pregnant and you don’t want to everyone know yet.. So I wondered as I get the question super often How can I help? I went and looked through tons of different garments looking for silhouettes, for shapes, for design details, for examples of garments that I think do the job and conceal your belly area. The result is a list of ideas that I would like to share with you and for each example that I show, I will explain why I think it does the job. Take it as an inspiration list. for your own wardrobe and really just keep the parts that you like. Rather than going for a skin-tight design I would try to add fabric and drapery to the silhouette. The question is where and how to add fabric. So, a straight dress like this one works well I think. It’s not just boxy Just a bit loose.


Because boxy looks like you are trying to hide something. I would go frankly oversized, like on this picture. Here the length between the hips and the knees is great if you wanna wear that as a mini dress or in winter, over pants for example, skinny black jeans: perfect. is quite a stiff fabric. U. Rather heavy weight. So it’s gonna keep it’s shape. And it looks like you’re properly dressed. It doesn’t look like you’re wearing pajamas or sweatpants. Really. The only thing is that such a design probably works better on taller girls, um, than on shorter ones. Let me know in the comments if you disagree. But I think so. Here is another example with even more fabric. It’s even more oversized and the length is below the knee this time. It’s a knitted dress, extremely comfortable. By the way, every thing I am showing in this post will be linked in description right below. So have a look if you wanna see other angels of each garment I am showing. Then, we have A-line dresses. They are always fitted at the top. At least here, around the bust. Or around the shoulders And then they flare out as you go downwards. So, the overall look is still very, um, put together. It looks like it’s fitted but it leaves lots of space around the belly area. This one here adds a little almost invisible belt element, not too tight, placed at the level of the natural waist, so that’s above the actual belly area, that you want to keep comfortable with. And it brings just a little bit of definition this way. That one, is really only fitted around the chest and it flares out immediately. So, the effect is more dramatic. This fabric is specially liquid looking. But any other fabric that you take and cut in an A-shape will gather as it folds naturally and that’s called gravity. And create nice and flowy folds in the middle. If you like longer dresses why not look into empire shapes. An empire dress typically is fitted around the breasts, until underneath the breasts, and then it folds in a way that it seems straight.

It’s actually a lot of fabric in there, down to the floor. This is an example, that is actually from a maternity collection Exactly because, it leaves so much space and comfort around the belly and your weight around the waist can vary without you having to switch garments. Um, very practical. A more casual version because you can also wear empire dresses if you’re not pregnant, obviously, is this one here black, super simple, same effect. For some reason, when you think empire dress you already think of an evening gown or a wedding gown, something dramatic and with beads and bright colors. It doesn’t have to be really. I wish there were more empire dresses meant for daily wear. Moving on to tops! I would always try to go for slightly longer ones. If your top ends where the waistband of your bottom- skirt or pants- come- then the top will ride up- and/or it will create this horizontal visual line exactly at the level that’s your widest point. So, that’s something I would try to avoid. And I would choose tops that are 2 or 3 inches longer than the waistband of my bottom that will be 5 to 8 centimeters. I also wouldn’t tuck the top into the pants for the same reason. When you go shopping for tops, asymmetry is a smart thing to look for. If you’ve seen my post about shoes you’ve seen that green top of mine. It’s technically completely closed, but it has one extra panel at the front that’s flowy. It’s in fact the perfect top to conceal a belly. Longer on one side, much longer, is a great option, too. It will move nicely when you walk. This one is interesting because they achieve a visual layering effect- layering is good- layering effect, through the fact that they’re using two different colors. That’s also something smart. Um, gray on grays so it’s still monochromatic very easy to pair with the rest of your wardrobe.

Then a peplum is a nice shape, also very feminine, if you like that at the same time. Definitely appropriate for the office styled this way. But if you take a lighter fabric, something with a print or brighter color, then it also definitely works in casual situations. Ruffles are a great design element to distract people. Layered like this- as a dress or a top- works both ways- no one can really say if you’ve gained a few pounds around the waist. Especially because the ruffles are organized asymmetrically. Perfect! Talking about pants now: In general, I would rather go for higher waisted pants. A wrap, or a belt, um type like this one works really well. It’s flexible, you can tie the belt more or less tight, depending on the day, right? This one is the version with slim legs. If you like rather wider pant legs then you can definitely find wide leg pants with a high waist like this one here. Or If you want, um, the higher budget option there is one designer called Dries van Noten who created pants that are meant for women but inspired by 50s menswear, and he’s been doing that for a few seasons now- a few runway seasons- look into that. Um- the pants are high-waisted, closed with a belt extremely comfortable, and I think that’s an optimal shape, really, um- for your need. Finally, some thoughts on over-tops. If I had to choose one type that would be a long cardigan. LONG long, to lengthen the overall silhouette worn open, like this one here. It conceals eventual love handles, and it really makes you appear, uh, slimmer leaner. If the cardigan has pockets, then I would make sure the pockets are placed below the waistline for sure and also below the hipline- really low pockets! The cardigan has to be really long indeed. A blazer would have the same effect as a cardigan, if you leave it open as well. And a vest, for instance a double breasted one- something chic and tailored- with or without sleeves, longer than the hips, would work as well for a more tailored and formal, um, kind of look. I hope you felt inspired, and that you’ve found a couple of ideas or shapes that work with your body. If yes, thumbs up! Thank you so much! This My blog is all about tips and inspiration in fashion. I do only fashion!

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