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Today I’ll gonna make a post on how to survive second day here I get this question a lot especially since I’ve mentioned that I only wash my hair every other day now to some people that sounds entirely gross now let me just assure everybody that I do still shower every day I just don’t wash my hair every day and the reason for that is because I want my natural oils to be able to get in there and work on my hair because your hair is actually meant to kind of sustain itself naturally but when you add in styling products and all that kind of stuff that throws it all off and the best way to kind of be nice to your hair is to give it a day or an extra day to kind of nourish itself which is why you want to skip that second day if you can. So I’ll gonna talk about my little methods I can’t say that This gonna work for everybody but I can tell you what’s worked for me. So hopefully this will help I’ll sure it’s a at least a couple good ideas that you can try if you haven’t tried them already. So yeah first thing is I would say before you ever start trying to get that second day or before you start worrying about that you need to make sure that you’re getting your hair all the way clean before that because let’s say that there’s like the little meter from like oh my hair looks good to a hot dang I need to take a shower um you want to make sure that every time you’re washing your hair or at least most of the time when you’re washing your hair you’re getting your hair back to okay it looks good and that way you have a little bit more time before you get all the way up to a hot day and you take a shower oh.

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I don’t know where that came from anyway sometimes though if you use a lot of mooses or sprays or gels or any other products like that or if your hair is extremely oily or if you work out a lot and you sweat a lot you’re gonna have more and more build up on your hair. So metimes even though you’re taking your showers and stuff like that your hair is not getting all the way back down here it’s kind of in the middle and then it doesn’t take very long to get to that point where a hot day you need to take a shower. So there’s a couple ways to combat that first of all every time that you washed your hair you need to make sure that you’re really scrubbing your roots and your scalp and getting in there like massaging your scalp and that’s going to help a lot because that’s where all the dirt and the buildup is on your hair and the oil build-up as well. So you want to be getting in there and scrubbing that and getting that really clean because that’s where it always shows the most buildup and always ways your hair down. So if you get in there and your cleaning that really well that’s going to help you a lot to make sure that you’re getting all the way back down here another thing that you can do is if you’re using all those products if you have a really oily scalp if you’re sweating a lot you can also use once a week use the shampoo that’s going to completely strip your hair of all of that gunk and build up now it’s not good to do that more than once a week actually if you can’t I would only do it every two weeks but I have to do it once a week because I make youtube posts and I use a lot of products on my hair anyway of what I use is I use the Neutrogena shampoo anti residue shampoo you guys have seen this on a lot of posts I’ve been using it for over a year and a half I love it’s like six dollars at any drug or discount store and I think it’s fantastic again use it once or twice a week just depending on how or not twice a week once every one week or every two weeks depending on how my hair needs it that’s what I was trying to say also if you can’t find this exact thing anything that’s like a clarifying shampoo or anything like that would be good. So that’s something that you can do to just go ahead and get your hair all the way clean. So that it can take a little bit longer before you need to take the shower again because if you have a lot of build up on your hair already and it’s not alo a clean then it’s really hard to stretch that second day. So that’s my first thing to say the second thing would be that there are a couple ways that you can trick it if your hair is getting oily on that second day because there is a little bit of time where you’re gonna have to kind of people sometimes they like retraining your hair I don’t know if it’s necessarily retraining but it’s giving your hair or your scalp kind of an adjustment period because it’s used to having to produce oil in hours because you take a shower and then hours later take a shower again and your hair is like hot dang.

I got to get my hair moisturize I got to take care of the hair and it’s like producing insane amounts of oil to do that and then you’re like trying to wash the annos endless cycle gotta break the cycle. So there’s gonna be a little while in there where your hair is still producing a little bit more oil than you want not really cool but again you can start with having your hair more clean that’ll help what you can do then on the second days if your hair is looking oily you can use a dry shampoo and I making this post off because I had yet to find a dry shampoo that I really love. So if you have a dry shampoo that you use and you love would you please leave it in the comments and you know thumb up people that have put one that you like I don’t know I need help because I have not been able to find one that I love yet one that I’ll okay wiThis the got to be rocking it dry shampoo I’ve used this one This the one that I’ll currently trying to get through hmmm it like it does a good job for the first five hours and then it’s like after the fact five hours it’s like the clock has struck midnight and Cinderella’s carriage is gone and your hair looks like ridiculous. So that’s what.

I think about that in case anybody cares um but you can use a dry shampoo and essentially what that does is you spray it into your hair it has little powders in it that help to absorb the oil make your hair look like you just took a shower even though you didn’t. So that’s a good way to do it you can also do that with baby powder does the exact same thing this does it’s just a little bit more messy because you have to like baby powder and do your hair like pull it back and like baby powder into your roots and it’s a little bit weird but it does work and if you’d rather not try to buy a dry shampoo it’s a really inexpensive alternative. So you can do something like that for your second day another thing that you could do besides just like wearing your hair and a ponytail or anna braids just of course I said a braid or a bun or anything like that to kind of hide the fact that it’s a little bit more greasy and you can also curl it curls are great for the second day because it kind of hides a little bit of that and your hair always curls better on the second day too. So you can style around it to try to hide it and then I think a last resort if you work out a lot This a good one to use but you can actually wash your hair and just don’t use shampoo. So use your conditioner but don’t use your shampoo that’s still kind of removing some of the oil but it also. So it’s not doing all that it’s kind of undoing a little bit of what you want to do is what I’ll trying to say it’s not ideal because you’re trying to get your hair to where you don’t have to strip it every day but if you’re just having a bad day or you just did an intense cardio workout and you were way too sweaty to not wash your hair then that’s a good way to do it is to go ahead and just wash your hair without the shampoo because the shampoo is really the culprit in this case it’s really what stripping your hair of all of its oils and stuff like that. So had a way to break that if you absolutely have to you can wash your hair um without shampoo and helps a lot and just use your conditioner and then sigh like you would afterward and I today went ahead and did that. So I could show you guys that um washing your hair without shampoo does not do anything bad to it you know you can see it’s still attached to my head it didn’t like fall out or anything I think it looks fine. So yeah it’s doable.

I don’t think it makes your hair look bad at all it feels really counterintuitive not to shampoo your hair when you wash it but you know if you’re if it’s just a bad thing you really need to that’s a good thing to do and I think if all else fails and and there will be days where it’s really frustrating when you’re giving your hair that little adjustment period but I mean I would say definitely do something like this once a week to help reduce that buildup if you wake up in your hair still looking greasy and you can’t style around it you can’t put it in a ponytail and hide it or you can’t curl it and hide it or if you want to just add to that use a dry shampoo or a baby powder that can help um if it’s still really bad you could try taking the shower I know that that for some people they want that second day to be like the day that they can sleep in and I’ll have to wake up as early and take a shower sorry um that might still have to happen for that one um but yet if you just really need it you could do that and as a final resort I say you can wear a hat I think I’ll put it on backwards but I had is an option especially in the winter time. So you really need it wear a hat I think that’s all my helpful advice as far as that goes if you guys have any advice that I haven’t covered please leave it in the comments and help each other out that will be fan-freakin’-tastic and I think I’ll done I hope you guys really love this next week I’ll starting a new series um I’ll trying to decide if I should tell you guys okay I’ll going to tell you I’ll going to start my series on Gossip Girl I’ve already announced this on Twitter and Facebook like a lot. So it doesn’t really matter um. So if you have any requests for characters on Gossip Girl you can definitely send me pictures to my formspring and I would love you forever. So that’s okay I hope you having a fantastic day I’ll see you in my next post yeah fine.

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