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My collaboration this week I am collaborating with Rachel ups who I have previously collaborated with I love her and her posts and. So I of course reached out to her this month to see if she would like to be part of my little daily uploads and February thing which we are calling Feb you hairy and she said yes and we decided that because we both have fine hair we should do our top tips and tricks for fine hair. So we compared our top tips and tricks and made sure that they were different and they are. So she has her tips on her my blog and I have my tips over here. So if you want some additional tips after my post you should go over and check out her my blog and check out the rest of her posts because like I said she’s fantastic you apply products to very wet hair the water that is on your hair actually dilutes the product and that can be a good thing or a bad thing for girls with fine hair first of all it can be a really good thing because if you have a leave-in conditioner or oil that you really like but can occasionally weigh your hair down too much apply it when your hair is more wet the water will dilute it and it will keep it from weighing down your hair throughout the day second of all if you’re trying to apply a volumizing product wait until your hair is drier. So the water doesn’t dilute that product. So will be more effective and get much more volume from your volumizing products see tangle-free and the thing is about fine hair.

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I’ve noticed that it tangles. So much faster and. So much tighter than every other hair type if you wait and you let it kind of build up until you have to go on like a detangling marathon you’re going to break a lot more hair than if you were to have just taken care of it when it was happening. So then when you get a lot of breakage that means that you have lots of little broken pieces throughout here probably with split ends and it’s hard to grow your hair long when your hair is constantly being broken. So you want to make sure to distinguish air as much as possible and of course we’re not going to sit there like detangling your hair like once an hour or anything like that but I would say there’s a couple key times to make sure that you did tangle your hair first of all right before you shower you should always absolutely detangle your hair because once your hair is wet it’s a lot more fragile. So if you go into the shower with tangly hair and then you wash your hair and you get more tangles from the shower and then you’re going to brush it out while your hair is wet you’re going to lose a lot more hair than if you were to just to tangle it before the shower second of all to tangle it before sleep because the thing is when you are like rolling around on your hair during the night there’s already tangles you’re just exacerbating the problem you’re making it worse and it’s just like the shower you’re going to end up losing way more hair that way. So just detangle your hair before you go to sleep and then of course when you wake up in the morning to tangle it again because even though I sleep with my hair in a braid somehow I still gets tangled because it just is persnickety like that I don’t know why it just does making sure that you keep your hair as tangle free as possible it is very key also you want to make sure that you’re using a gentle brush on your hair whenever you’re detangling because then you will break less hair than if you rip through with a really hard comb or brush or anything like that don’t over dry your hair one of the ways that people kind of over dry fine hair is by overusing volumizing products specifically volumizing shampoos because volumizing shampoos and clarifying shampoos are basically the harshest on the market they’re the ones that are going to strip your hair the most and that’s how you get that volume because your hair is stripped of everything. So you get that extra volume but if you do that every single shower you can imagine that your hair gets dried out very easily and that’s not exactly a good thing. So instead of using a volumizing shampoo every single shower switch it up with something else. So maybe find a lightly moisturizing shampoo or one this meant for color-treated hair as those are kind of more of the gentle ones without being really heavy but they’re still going to get your scalp clean. So you could use that maybe every other shower or only use your volumizing shampoo once a week that way you’re getting rid of any buildup on your hair you’re helping to volumize your hair but you’re not over drawing it because that’s at the end of the day is going to cause a lot of bad things on your hair another thing that people with find hair do that can dry out their hair is avoiding conditioners and I sympathize.

I understand conditioners can sometimes weigh your hair down but you should never avoid them because the thing is that you really do need them especially if you’re using volumizing shampoos. So I definitely recommend using at least a volumizing conditioner those are going to be some of the lightest ones but you can also choose one that’s meant to be lightly moisturizing and then just use it on your ends don’t put it up near your roots because that’s obviously going to weigh your hair down because you’re putting those kind of thick oils or conditioners right around your roots. So just put them through the ends of your hair and allow them to sit on your hair and moisturize your hair while you’re taking your shower and that will really help your hair over time experiment with texture because that is going to help you to have a more voluminous look to your hair if your hair is naturally very straight or if you like to straighten it you’re probably going to notice that straight hair especially when it’s fine looks very thin it’s going to look like you don’t have as much hair and it’s a little bit harder to wear. So what I would say is experiment with different textures you can do that in the form of different curl patterns. So you could have different curls you could have loose waves you could try straigth which is like a mixture of straight and wavy and it actually looks kind of cool I mean you’ve seen it on the runways in Fashion Week’s all the time I’ll sure.

I mean you can experiment with different textures I put some surf product in your hair even if it is pretty straight because that will still give it some life and something going on there I feel like that’s the thing that people will find hair really struggle wiThis that your hair just feels lifeless. So I would really recommend not only playing with like different curl patterns or waves but really play with your texture um whether it’s going all over surfy kind of texture to your hair by using a surface buying product or you could even just do that to the ends of your hair. So you can have your hair be like shiny and pretty throughout here and then throw some surf product down here on your ends and it will give you kind of a more worn look and it will actually give you kind of like an edgy or cooler look to your hair and it’s kind of fun it’s fun to play around with it. So I just encourage you whatever your style is because I think depending on your different style you will be attracted to different waves in different textures play with it keep it loose whenever you do an updo or half updo on fine hair you have to kind of work a little bit harder to make it look just normal or even make it look voluminous because the thing is if we pull our hair straight back like brush it straight back and just put into a ponytail it’s easy to kind of look bald from the front a couple things that you can do to kind of maintain volume in your hair even while you’re styling it if you want to get some lift in your hair cheesing is always an option you don’t necessarily have to pack your hair down to your head and a really tight tease you can take your favorite teasing comb and whatever section you want to tease and just lightly go like this just like lightly brush it and you can see there’s a little bit of teasing there there’s a little bit of roughness there but it’s not packed out in my head but you pull it back and it still provides a little bit of lift if you are pulling your hair straight back or even to the side you can stick your fingers in here. So that they’re kind of inside your hair bring them back together and then pull it forward and it creates a little bit of volume because you’re going through and you’re pulling the roots back up parts right there.

So it’s being a little silly but you can see doing that you get a little bit of extra volume it gets a little bit more airy light looking instead of just going like this that you’re pulling your hair over to the side you don’t want to pull it tight like this it’s good to first of all give us some slack keep it loose and that already helps you a lot but you could also give a little twist to your hair and push it forward and you can see that that gives even more a little lift in there. So you can get as much as you want um if you put a little bit of teasing in there and you did all this you could give this huge knot that you necessarily want that but you could but you get a little bit of that and you can even use a trick from before where you put your fingers in squeeze them together and pull some of the roots forward you get a lot more volume I’ll not saying This necessarily the shape you want to go for but you can see that there’s more volume here than there is when you do that number next thing you can do if you’re braiding your hair it’s very easy to get way too tight with braids it’s fine hair and it ends up looking a little bit old school little like s because it’s super super tight um first of all you want to watch your hairline whenever you have fine hair. So if you are braiding really tight then you get this kind of look right here I don’t know if that’s picking up on cameras like I want it to but I guess really tight you can see like my weird hairline don’t really want that. So if you’ve got your first couple braids in you’re noticing Thisn’t looking right you can always go in at this point and just loosen your hair out just grab little pieces and pull them back forward and you can see I’ve covered up my weird hairline now and I have more lifts and you can get as much lift as you want those are my top five tips for fine hair I hope you found this helpful again make sure to check out Rachel’s top she has a great couple tips for you guys as well. So make sure to check those out and I will see you guys tomorrow with my next febuary post bye.

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