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Hey everyone Haley your friendly neighborhood hair stylist here and today we’re doing a little detox routine I like to do this at the start of each week obviously you could do it whenever but just you know to prepare myself to detoxify myself from the stuff that’s been and prepare myself for what’s gonna be it sounded really philosophical but basically I like to get extra clean today we’re gonna focus a lot on hair detoxifying the scalp giving yourself a great blowout. So that your hair is fantastic going into the next week but I’ll gonna throw in some extra stuff along the way because it’s just more fun. So that being said let’s get into it for my skin I like to do a mask and today I’ll gonna do this glitter mask from glam glow because it has holographic glitter in it This a little out of my routine because it’s a firming mask and usually I do as a toxifying one if you want to detox emacs I recommend the Kate Somerville exfoliate and the glam glow super mud masks both of these do wonders for my skin by clearing out my clogged pores and now for hair I have been preaching for years the good scalp care is good hair care and boy does my scalp need some care you guys know I like to go a few days between washing my hair I’ve dedicated several posts to this.

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I sweat it out of the gym quite frequently. So did detox my scalp I’ve been using these scalp detox from bumble and bumble all you have to do is shake hold upright section and apply it’s cooling and tingly and it helps to remove product build-up oil and any impurities to keep your scalp in tip-top shape okay you guys need to hear this you hear the fizzing but you also feel it’s. So cool massage all the product in and wait for three to five minutes and then shampoo and condition as usual after the shower I always let my hair towel dry for a little while to save blow drying time and while I do that let’s talk about some brain detox okay for my mind I like to do something each week and it’s actually not meditation it’s list-making because I am a Hermione Granger at heart and this genuinely helps me get through life the first thing I like to do is literally write down everything I can think of that I have coming up in the next week everything that has to get done gets written down then I go through and I assign an importance to each task a is for a task that is due or has to be on a certain day these are a little bit more flexible but they do have to be done this week and seas couldn’t be done next week is absolutely necessary then I assign a test to each day based on my master list and I cross it off of my master list once it’s done a skip scheduled first cuz they’re the biggest priority and then you go in with the more flexible B’s and finally I just like to leave C’s and a to-do list. So I can tackle them once I’ve completed both a and B tasks this might seem. So over the top but once.

I finish it feels like I closed open tabs in my brain and it’s the best feeling and now on to hair part I thought I’d leave you with a quick little blow-dried tip because a good blow-dry can extend the time between washes start off with your leaving conditioner of choice and detangle very gently straighter hair types can grab any brush you like on frizz Pro and wavy or curly hair types grab a brush with some boar bristles start by brushing all your hair in one direction as you hit the roots with the dryer once that starts to feel dry you can move on to another section or brush your hair in a different direction if you’re trying to reduce volume but brush your hair in the direction you want it to lay if you’re trying to enhance volume literally brush your hair in every direction that you can because route confusion equals volume and then I finish off by running my brush and dryer through the ends and then I’ll just gonna put a quick little bends through my hair now the reason I like to do a blowout is because it does make my hair last longer between washes I think because it seals the cuticle on your hair. So the oil can just kind of keep sliding down your hair instead of congregating at the roots either way a detox scalp is the perfect base for any hairstyle whether it is a blowout or an intricate style it just keeps everything in tip-top shape alright we’ve done skinned scalp and mind.

I figured we should finish off with a little body detox. So I concocted this based on Pinterest got ginger juice lemon juice and some apple juice to hopefully make it palatable Cheers that burns my little throat mm-hmm yeah I’ll not gonna finish that thanks Pinterest that is my detox routine I hope you guys enjoyed a little different post from me self-care is. So important to me especially this year and. So I wanted to bring you guys into that little part of my life hope you enjoyed it and thank you to Bumble and Bumble for sponsoring this post I love this new scalp detox and I was very excited to share it with you guys. So that’s it for today’s post don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and turn on post notifications. So you never miss a post from me I’ll be back on Wednesday with my next post because I’ll uploading days a week this month yes girl Monday Wednesday Saturday be there everyday and you know don’t forget to turn on the stuff. So it tells you when it’s posted that’s it for day I’ll see you in my next one muah bye.

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