My Weight Loss How I Lost A Quarter of my Body Weight

You wanted me to do a post on my weight loss that I decided it was time I also wanted to kind of change up my background. So that it wasn’t just a plain white background for this post because it’s going to be a lot of talking I’ll a little afraid it might be a really long post. So I’ll sorry if it is but This something I really feel strongly about I have struggled with my weight quite a lot in my life and I ping-pong between being overweight and underweight I’ve had multiple eating disorders just from taking my weight loss too seriously at times and just not thinking properly about it and it’s been a rough road and it was surrounded by a lot of crazy for me and. So this time around I was just really focused on making a really permanent really healthy change and doing it in a way that was really good for me. So starting out in the beginning of I weighed pounds you can kind of tell when you go back and you look at my youtube posts from that time that my face was a little larger but I was very good at like cropping myself off. So that you really couldn’t see more than that and I don’t have any pictures from that time. So I wish I had before and after pictures I really don’t um but that for me being about that puts my body mass index and the overweight category kind of close to the obese category actually. So I was definitely an unhealthy weight and I went over the next year and a half and lost about pounds I’ll around really under now.

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So I probably I might have lost close to pounds but I just fluctuate. So much I feel more comfortable saying um and it took me a year and a half I took a really slow really patiently and it really did pay off I ended up losing a quarter of my original body weight I went from being a size to a size and more than important that any of that is I went from being really unhealthy and sedentary to being a more healthy fit person I didn’t really focus on like a certain body type that I wanted to have I didn’t even focus on a number that I wanted to reach I really just focus on the fact that I wanted to be healthy. So I gave myself rules that I was going to use to kind of govern the whole like dieting lifestyle changing process because like I said I had a lot of crazy that was involved in my weight loss in the past you know it had always been surrounded by a lot of bad decisions and I didn’t ever want to go back there I really wanted to lose weight in a way that was healthy both for my body in my mind and.

So I came up with those three rules and I honestly think that those were probably what really helped me through this whole process. So before I jump into that I wanted to go ahead and note that exercising was actually not a part of my original weight loss and that was just because I had some physical problems going on I had some help that she was going on I wasn’t able to work out like I wanted to be and. So I did it with just my diet however if you are physically able to work out exercise should certainly be a part of your weight loss I mean when you’re losing weight you want to be losing weight and revealing muscle tone and be able to see that you don’t want to just keep losing weight and there’s nothing there to kind of reveal and even more important than that your body needs to be active it needs that physical activity sedentary lifestyles are not good for your body and it results in really you know bad things for your health. So definitely I mean for your health and for the sake of how you’re dieting results look definitely have exercise be a part of working out additionally I’ll not a doctor you should obviously consult with your physician before you know do any big lifestyle changes all that stuff just remember.

I’ll a normal person not a doctor the first rule that I made was that my only goal would be to create a healthy lifestyle and I had a couple reasons for that first of all in the past I’ve always given myself those numbered goals where I was just like okay I have to hit this number by this time and I’ll a very like overachiever II person and. So I would always set completely unattainable goals and that I would be completely crushed when I wasn’t able to reach them and it was. So frustrating another thing that I find happens is that you give yourself that goal and. So if you want to lose like ten pounds of you weigh yourself into the scale and you’ve lost a pound you’re like all right that’s cool but I have like nine more to go and you don’t really get excited about your weight loss and I didn’t really want that I didn’t want to discourage myself I didn’t want to set myself up for failure by either setting the bar too high or setting a bar and then constantly being disappointed in myself when I couldn’t reach that.

So I just decided you know what I’ll not going to give myself those rules I’ll not going to give myself those goals I’ll really just gonna on my lifestyle the reason for that rule was that I really wanted to create a permanent change I didn’t want something that was just going to be really quick and little I really wanted my change to be significant I think a lot of times we see that we want to lose that weight we have like a number that we want to lose we have a size on our heads whatever and we start to kind of want to shortcut to that we want to get to that as quickly as possible we want that effect where we’re like yes I’ve achieved what I wanted to get but we forget is that there’s a there’s a cause to that effect and the cause is directly proportionate to the success of that effect but I basically mean by that is if you go with the short cut you go with the like a little short cut diet where you eat like a crazy person like you eat leaves for three months and you lose like you know pounds but then you go back to eating exactly as you did before you’re going to gain all the way back you’re going to look just like you did before and the reason for it is because you took a short cut you did something that you couldn’t actually live with. So that cause was little and short which means that your result will be little in short whereas if you put the time in and you make those changes that can really be permanent and you make the changes permanently like things that you’re going to stick with for the rest of your life or at least for the foreseeable future then you get the results that are there for the rest of your life basically and.

So you really want to be focusing on the fact that you’re not going to go into a crash diet you’re not going to go and take all these crazy rules and just throw them at yourself. So that you don’t even know like what you’re allowed to eat anymore you just make changes that actually work within your diet and work with you and work with your lifestyle and if you have a really busy lifestyle you know when you have to cut something out of your life. So you have time to do more things it’s that crazy diet they decided to jump on that was what it always was for me and. So I really wanted to make those changes that were going to work with my lifestyle that were things that I could really legitimately do every single day again rule number one was that my only goal would be to create a healthy lifestyle I did that because I didn’t want to be discouraged by numbers or by looking at the numbers on the scale I really wanted to focus on my lifestyle and number two I really wanted changes that would be permanent in my life I didn’t want it to be a crash diet that I went on for a little while and then came off of an normally again because again my body would never change would like lose weight for a little while and then I would come right back I didn’t want that I really wanted those permanent changes that we’re going to last me forever rule number two is to take baby steps now I have sabotage myself in the past by giving myself a ton of things to do it’s like trying to juggle ten plates all at once when you never even juggled a plate before and you’re just going to make a huge mess like plates are going to be broken there’s going to be a mess somebody might step on some glass it’s just not going to be pretty but if you start with one if you start with one thing and you really work on it until you get used to it and you add slowly eventually you will be able to juggle all templates that might be a funny analogy but it makes sense in my head basically the whole premise is that you make one change that you know that you can live with that you know that you can deal with in your life that you can keep going with your life and you can keep that change and it’s not going to be uncomfortable it might not be fun but you can keep doing it and you keep working on that change until it becomes comfortable it becomes normal feeling and then you add another one and you keep going like that until it just becomes second nature and all of a sudden you have a healthier lifestyle and you didn’t even know how you got there I mean you could start out if you’re a soda drinker start out by cutting back on those until you know you feel comfortable like if you drink five sodas a day start by cutting back two three sodas a day and then once that becomes comfortable cut back to one soda a day once that becomes comfortable just get rid of the soda diet soda too and then you can start focusing on your meals like your breakfast make a healthy breakfast and then start focusing on your lunch you know every day this week.

I’ll going to eat a healthy lunch and you keep doing that until it becomes normal and then okay every day this week I’ll going to eat a healthy dinner and then keep doing that until it becomes normal and then you know focus on your snacks and it really does over time it just happens that you find yourself oh my gosh I’ll eating. So much healthier I’ll you know you’ve made those changes slowly to where you actually feel competent and you feel in control and you feel like you know what you’re doing and that really helps me I actually got that tip from makeup geek she talked about it in her weight loss post and it was invaluable to me and she actually had a really great post on that. So if you want to go in the description box and click on the link to her post tell her I said hi I love her posts um you know that was really helpful for me. So that was changed number two simple and sweet like it really does just take the crazy out of it um you know because you do want to be able to make something that’s going to work with your lifestyle it’s going to be something that you can’t say no to you don’t want to be you want to give yourself something to wear it’s. So easy that you can’t say no. So if it’s really just like a little thing like cutting two sodas out a day then you should be able to do that and you just do that and you stick with it until it’s done and I do want to go back to a point that I made in my first rule which was that I would only have my lifestyle as my goal and I was saying that I didn’t want to set weight goals what I did instead of setting weight goals was to set lifestyle goals and that was a lot better for me because like I said your weight loss goes along with that if you drink five sodas a day you’re drinking a thousand calories of soda a day which is seven thousand calories a week which is pounds of soda a week that you’re drinking as in like it turns into two pounds of fat. So if you cut that out you’re gonna lose weight like it’s just gonna happen and you know it goes on. So on and. So forth with pop-tarts and pizza and burgers like it just comes off. So set your goals but set them as lifestyle goals and set them for every week you know what this week I’ll gonna have a healthy breakfast every single week and you do that until it becomes second nature to you. So become something that’s normal for you is something that’s easy for you. So you’ve formed a new habit and then go on and create a new habit that’s my second rule was baby steps and honestly I think that one might have been the best one that I had I roll number three was that I was going to maintain a healthy mind well I created a healthy body and basically my whole reason for that was that.

I have had two really significant eating disorders in my past it was a really rough time for me it’s really not a time of my life that I like to look back and remember um but every time since then that I would work on losing weight it was always in the back of my mind that you know I could cut a meal here and there or I could go to the gym and I could work out longer than I was supposed to and things like that all those like same motivations and those same triggers were still there like I still wanted to go back and do all those things and I’ll saying that I really had to fight and I see on the internet a lot people make comments I see those little like you know pictures with like little words on it about how you know whoever made this picture they want to look a certain way and they’re willing to sacrifice food for that or they don’t feel like they’re worthy of eating I mean things like that and it really breaks my heart because I’ve been there and I know what that’s like and I know how hard it is a quick little I don’t know piece of advice for you guys now is to really look at your motivation for losing weight and continue to evaluate your motivation throughout the entire process because I found that when my motivation was wrong then I was willing to go too far I was willing to push that bullet I was willing to make those things that this changes and those decisions that were never supposed to happen really you need to look out for is when you’re motivated by the thought that you are not worthwhile without the weight loss that you genuinely as a person have no worth no meaning and can’t be valued by other people unless you lose the weight and you know what I’ll talking about when you really truly believe that you look in the mirror and you see yourself and all you can think is I hate you and don’t want to look like this and I don’t want to be this person and you choose to believe those thoughts and you believe that because that’s what you see in the mirror that’s what everybody else sees everybody else looks at you and they just like you and they don’t want to be around you and they don’t want to love you that you just can’t be enough the way that you are and. So you have to make those changes and when you believe those things and when you look at those things you are genuinely believing that you are meaning and your purpose and your value comes from what you look like and comes from what you see when you look in the mirror and that is false I mean there are. So many other things that feed into who you are and then what you look like and what you look like is the most transient the most superficial thing to judge yourself on you should never degrade yourself by judging yourself on your size or your skin or your hair or any of us of you are. So much more than that and you have to learn to look at yourself and to realize that you have value and you have meaning and you have purpose and that is intrinsically yours and it’s not taken away by what you weigh and it’s not taken away by the size of the jeans that you wear and it will never be given to you by losing weight you have it already you don’t need to achieve it you need to learn just to look at yourself and define value and meaning there because when you genuinely believe that you’re going to find value and meaning at the end of your diet you will give anything to get there you will give anything to have the body that you want to have but the problem is that you will never really believe that you’re there no matter how skinny I got I never believed that I was there I never believed that.

I looked good enough and I was always willing to keep pushing and that’s really where it goes you hear about it you see it in the news and whenever you learn about interacts see and things like that you see that these girls they’re really skinny and they look in the mirror and they genuinely they’re huge they generally believe that they are too big and they need to still lose weight and that’s really what’s in store when you really believe that you have to find that meaning in that purpose and what you look like to yourself in the mirror you are willing to push yourself way too far to get there. So if you really you’re there and you want to lose weight and you know that’s why you know that that’s what’s motivating you that is an issue that you need to deal with completely apart from weight loss you need to deal with that completely apart from losing weight or from changing your diet that’s something that you need to deal with on your own you can work you can talk to a counselor you can read whatever books you need but just look at yourself and learn to find value in yourself and meaning and purpose in yourself without all that other stuff to learn to find that you are meaningful I was able to find that meaning and purpose through the fact that I am a Christian and my beliefs say a lot about just the fact that everybody is meaningful and purposeful and specially-made and just learning to find that interests and that really helped um. So that’s my advice I hope that wasn’t a lot more than you were looking for in this post but basically just you have to look at your motivation look at why you want to lose weight and make sure that your motivation is healthy remember when you do lose weight when you do get to a healthy point it really does help you with your confidence you feel better in clothes you feel a lot more confident in the stuff you wear and that’s great confidence is amazing as long as you’re looking for confidence you’re not going to really be disappointed but if you’re looking for meaning and purpose you are going to be disappointed you’re going to keep looking you’re going to keep hurting yourself to get there and you’ll never get there and. So just remember to stop make sure your motivation is right and occasionally check in on yourself make sure that motivation stays good throughout the whole process that was what.

I did and it really helped me I’ve honestly gotten to the point where now I can work on my diet and I can work on my lifestyle and I don’t have those thoughts in the back of my head anymore and it is something that I’ll really proud of and really happy for. So that’s that I hope that wasn’t too much for that and now I’ll going to go ahead and get into what changes I did makes my diet except that I made was to get rid of processed food and sugar now that is a lot of change to make that makes a huge difference because the thing is when you’re eating those processed foods you ate empty calories like a bag of chips you know you can eat the entire gigantic potato bag of chips and I don’t know about you guys but that thing will not fill me up but there are thousands of calories and a bag of potato chips and tons of fat in them and it doesn’t go anywhere it doesn’t give you any real nutrients any real fiber it doesn’t give your body anything really to run off of and you can use that with any example sodas for sure they are full of calories they’re full of sugar and they give you nothing as far as being full or being nutri fied you don’t get any of that your body is just kind of trying to run off of chemicals and it’s not good for you when you replace that stuff with actual real food you’re giving your body nutrients you’re giving your body things that are actually filling and those things are lower in calories you’re actually kind of able to eat a little bit more when I eat like really helpful E and I’ll really focused on like my veggies and my fruits and my whole meats and all that stuff it’s really I mean I get really full and sometimes it’s hard to actually eat enough calories in a day because the stuff is. So filling. So I think it’s an amazing change because the other thing with processed food is that it’s a lot of chemicals it’s not stuff that your body’s meant to eat and your body really does feel slow and kind of like and just not good you know you feel you had energy sucked out of you a lot and when you make that change over to real food you’re actually getting those nutrients in your body. So your body is actually able to get up and work a little bit more. So you actually feel a lot more alive a lot more energetic a lot more capable of doing things instead of just feeling that like sluggishness and I just love that feeling of my body really being healthy and really working really well and like it’s got the nutrients that it needs. So it’s able to function correctly I just.

I love that feeling and it really is good and I know that you know there are those foods that you love and I think if you can learn what I want to honestly cut out all the processed foods and then just add in the little bits that you’re allowed to have because it’s easier to just go to cold turkey and then add in little bits than to keep a little bits in because once you completely cut it out of your diet it’s kind of easier not to like roll back in. So like starting to eat all that again. So that was the first change that I made I think it’s an invaluable change to change to eating clean. So basically you shop like the perimeter of the grocery store and just get fruits and vegetables and lean meats and dairy and whole grains. So much better for you and it’s really filling. So it’s it’s just better in general. So that would be my first change and I definitely recommend that one if you are a huge processed food person then you’re definitely going to notice a huge change the next change that I made was to go from eating three meals a day to eating six little meals a day now that might sound really weird but here’s what happened I switched off of processed food I switched off of sugar I lost about seven or ten pounds which was great really exciting but then I stopped and I was kind of trying to look and reevaluate what I was eating and all of that kind of stuff and I realized that what was happening was that I was eating too much still like even though I was eating healthier foods because I had been used to eating lots and lots of processed foods because like I said they’re not very filling I was used to just eating a lot. So my stomach was kind of stretched out my body was used to taking it a lot more calories than I was supposed to and I was doing that still with the healthier foods and. So I was like okay. So I have to cut back portions I have to get this into like a healthy amount of calories a day. So you’re not just watching the quality of your calories but the quantity of your calories well what happened was that my body was. So used to carrying. So many calories that when I tried to just switch to eating smaller meals and I tried to eat like you know a normal sized person’s meal and only eat three meals a day with a little snack in between my body just didn’t do well with that I felt dizzy and thinked I felt like I was starving and every time in the afternoon my blood sugar would have dropped. So low that basically I would just go to the kitchen and just eat tons of food and undo everything that I’d already done that day as far as like you know trying to eat smaller portions. So that I was watching my calorie intake.

So what I started to do was to eat six small meals every day and I still had like my breakfast time would be like a breakfast seafood and my lunch time one and my dinner time one be like you know those kinds of foods I still felt like I was getting those three meals but then I had three snacks in between those and I did try to keep the calories about the same through all of those just to keep my blood sugar from doing this number and I also made sure that I drank at least a glass of water with each meal and I was. So full I only get to the end of the day sometimes and just be like I can’t eat anymore like I’ll good I’ll done and um it made it really easy little meal today it also means are really easy for keeping up with my calories because I could decide like okay I’ll gonna have like calories worth of stuff at each little snack or whatever um and it kind of made it a little bit easier because I tend to think of my food in like calorie portions but also it’s like you wanted to go to dinner you could change one of your meals to have less calories. So that you would have more calories for dinner and things like that it’s just it worked really well for me. So I really recommend that one as well a third thing I’ll going to add and I didn’t really think about this but I actually did make this change was to start counting my calories and that is a really good thing to do um you could use like a Weight Watchers system the Weight Watchers system is actually amazing it’s really helpful I’ve used it in the past and it’s really what helped me now to be able to look at a food and kind of can judge about how many calories I’ve had in the day really easily without having to use like a counter but you can use a calorie counter app or Weight Watchers or whatever but really good just to know how much you’re putting into your body because sometimes you think that you’re eating something this low in calories and it’s really not like I used to think and this was like way in the past I used to have like a bagel and then like a hat a quarter cup of cream cheese on this bagel and I thought I was having like a really healthy low-calorie breakfast. So that is not a low-calorie breakfast it’s not really that healthy either. So um you know just look at that go ahead and start counting your calories keep an eye on it I wouldn’t say that you have to be you know really strict about it you don’t have to be crazy about it but it’s good to know how many calories you’re in taking every day. So those are the three changes that I made and I would really recommend to you was to go to clean eating eating six little meals a day and then counting my calories now I don’t actively count my calories now but I do keep an eye on it like I said I have a pretty good idea of what amount of calories aren’t in what foods I eat.

I do kind of know what I have going on. So it’s kind of something I’ll able to do any fourth and final change that happen for me I just wanted to note it because it did help me lose another like pounds was that I found out I was allergic to dairy and my body does not do well with sugar or caffeine. So I have like permanently cut dairy sugar and caffeine out of my diet and that caused me to lose about more pounds and that just happened you don’t have to do that obviously I’ll cutting out dairy really made a difference and it was really good for me and I found that a lot of Americans through my research I found that a lot of Americans are actually allergic to dairy and don’t know it. So you know it’s probably it might be a good thing to at least limit your dairy but I wouldn’t say that like you have to cut dairy out of your diet I just wanted to know that that was something that I did because I have allergies and my body is really weird. So yeah this post is going to be like ridiculously long but I hope it was really helpful thank you if you made it all the way through to the end comment and tell me if you did I hope I didn’t get too deep in any of these parts I really do just want to make like a really informative post. So that’s kind of why I did all of that I hope you guys have enjoyed this and I will see you guys on Monday with a new post see you then bye.

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