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JUST LOVE Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder, R345, for a sun-kissed finish. Clinique’s new Smart Custom-Repair range understands how to correct wrinkles, discolouration and lack of radiance.

The Treatment Oil will smooth and plump skin, while delivering an extra nourishing and hydrating boost. This lightweight oil absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling great.

HOW TO USE: Incorporate the moisturizers as part of your twice-daily Three-Step regime, adding the Serum and Eye Treatment. Use the Treatment Oil when you feel you need a boost of moisture, some pampering.

Time is of the essence. We can’t waste precious minutes with bottles and bottles of different products in a complicated skincare regime to treat every skin niggle separately. That’s why Clinique developed its new Smart Custom-Repair range to target multiple skincare concerns at once, so you can go about your day, worry-free.

Each product in the Smart Custom-Repair range works on a number of fronts simultaneously, with intuitive ingredients only targeting the issues your skin has, custom repairing where you need it most:

The Serum visibly erases wrinkles, evens-out skin tone, lifts skin, and hydrates it.

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