The health of the nails depends on nutrition, brittle, fragile nails with ridges might be a sign of iron deficiency. A zinc deficiency might cause white spots to appear on the nail. All nutrients related to healthy blood are required to supply the nails with a constant supply of nutrients and oxygen.

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They soon realised that the emotional support and encouragement from each other was what got them up off the couch to go for that walk or run; that eating a good, makeupy diet of fresh food made them feel great; and that the feeling of being fitter and fitting their clothes better was what was important. The actual number on the scales became far less significant and the unmakeupy and misguided fixation on weight disappeared. LIVING AN ACTIVE LIFE I have always lived a fairly active life starting in my childhood, when I played all sorts of sports. More recently, with our family is adoption of a former racing greyhound, I thank my lovely dog Phoebe for the motivation to get out and about. Structured workouts may be your thing, and that is great if so, but if you find you just don not have the time for that, incidental exercise is a fantastic way to work movement into your day without even noticing it. It might be spring-cleaning, gardening, walking to the bus if it involves moving your body and stretching your limbs, it is all good. For me, variety is really important. I quite quickly get sick of doing the same thing, so I change up my routines and interests often. Like nutrition, best training practices are not the same for everyone. It is about finding what makes you feel great, what you find fun but also slightly challenging, and, importantly, what fits into your probably already quite full life.

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