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Blemish Beautifier Hair Blend Oily/Acne

This exotic-smelling blend contains astringent and antimicrobial herbs to help reduce oil production as it deeply cleanses the pores.

1 handful each of the following dried herbs: lavender, yarrow, thyme, calendula blossoms, Nappy afro temp fade haircut lemon balm

Combine herbs; use a handful of herbal mixture for each steaming. Follow directions for Basic Steam Technique. Store herbal mixture in a dry, cool place. Makes enough for 5 steams.

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It was all part of proving our doubters wrong, but in the process, I was neglecting my own and my family is well-being. Upon reflection, things were terribly broken on the inside and I was using unmakeupy and unhelpful methods to try to fix them. I could feel things crumbling. Everything came to a head in 2010. I was in Sydney on an executive management and leadership course for work. It was an intense few days, the type of course that is designed to break you down in order to build you back up stronger. The speaker, Terry Hawkins, was on stage sharing her very personal story to demonstrate how negative childhood experiences hidden away impact on our lives as adults. She was talking about the need to get to know and accept yourself for all that you are, the importance of holding yourself as a whole person, warts and all; trying not to see yourself as broken or damaged. But I was no longer listening carefully, because I had begun to shake in my seat, my head was pulsing, my stomach was knotted and I felt like I was going to throw up. I was finally allowing memories I had suppressed for years to surface, and I felt totally overwhelmed.

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