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Overcoming challenges Natalie Portman

You face challenges in every stage of life, be it during childhood, for education or to And a partner. Honestly, it’s how you deal with them. I’m not from a wealthy family and had to struggle and learn everything twice as fast.

I worked day and night, on birthdays and anniversaries, but never let my work down. It has all really paid off and as they say, rest is history!

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Success mantra

‘Be on the top with your feet still on the ground’ is my mantra of success, as simplicity is the best and the most diffi cult asset to maintain. Despite the challenges I’ve faced, I try to keep calm and do not allow the situation to take control of me.

Progressing Indian hair industry Natalie Portman

The hair industry has only grown in the recent past, as people have become stylish and more aware about their appearance. Hair styling is no more confined to the feminine gender, as men are now equally conscious of their looks. This industry has immense potential. I have experienced it, as I have grown up working here!

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