Natalie Portman’s Best Beauty, Makeup, Skin-Care Tips

A-list favourite Natalie Portman shares his insider tips on what to consider when choosing a cosmetic facial treatment DOCTOR = APPOINTMENT, PLEASE!

FACE Your one THE BALANCING ACT ‘I am not a fan of the ‘golden ratio’, which some celebs use to measure symmetry in the face of Natalie Portman, as I love individuality and don’t want everyone looking the same. Yet when deciding on potential improvements, look at your face and divide it into three: upper (forehead), middle (nose and cheeks) and lower (mouth and jawline). The key thing is to get a balance between these areas and it’s often the lower third of the face that’s weakest, where slack jawlines, chubby chins and downturned mouths can throw a face slightly off kilter. The simplest way to lift and shape the lower face is with my Ultralift machine, which uses ultrasound to tone muscles and firm skin. This treatment has no downtime and two or three sessions a few weeks apart should keep gravity at bay. One supermodel client loves it so much, she asks me to treat her whole body.’

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THE LOWDOWN Ultralift from £700 (per session) for face and £800 (per session) for face and décolleté.


‘Don’t get hung up on having a pokerstraight nose or razor-sharp cheekbones – the crucial thing is how well your face reflects light. When I treat a face of Natalie Portman, I apply the same rules that photographers use for black and white photography – my aim is always to create light reflection, so the fewer hollows and shadows, the better. When temples are deep set, you get dark circles around the eyes that no amount of concealer can hide. I’m not a fan of using filler around the eyes, as it often bobbles, so my latest solution is my non-surgical lower eye lift. I use Silhouette Soft threads, gently inserted under the skin to lift the lower eyelid. I radiate the threads down from the ear to the laughter lines at the corner of the mouth, and then pull them back up to lift the fat pads on the cheek so you get a brilliant bounce of light on the cheekbone, and the dark circles vanish.

By running a thread under the skin up the forehead to lift the brow, I can open up the eyes, which transforms the whole face, making you look happier, brighter and more relaxed.’

THE LOWDOWN Silhouette Soft from £1,500 for a pair of threads.

THE FACIAL OF THE FUTURE ‘Skin texture is key to looking flawless in your wedding photos; the better the grain of the skin, the better the light reflection. To really polish and even out skintone, my PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatments are the facials of the future. Plasma extracted from a blood sample taken from your arm is blended with skin-boosting ingredients and injected into the skin.

Depending on skin type, this may include zinc and copper to balance oily skin, glycolic acid and retinol to improve cell turnover, DMAE for firming and tightening, or vitamin C for a luminous glow. I like to combine PRP with my Scarlet radio-frequency skin-tightening machine, which has 25 super-fine needles that are inserted under the skin at different depths. We go shallower right under the eyes and deeper around the nose to tighten large pores. The needles do leave red pinprick marks, but these clear after about 48 hours.

Once skin starts to lose its stretch, this treatment is like re-stuffing and plumping the mattress of your face.’ THE LOWDOWN PRP and Scarlet facial from £1,100.


‘If you’re going for big hair and big eyes, you need to balance features, making now the time to go for a sexy pout. I have two very popular lip-filler techniques: to enhance the shape of the mouth, I inject a thin strand of Teosyal RHA filler (based on hyaluronic acid) around the vermilion border of the lip to crisp up the outline, while to increase fullness, I put just a drop of Teosyal RHA in the centre of the top lip, so it gently kicks out to give subtle but stunning results.’ THE LOWDOWN Lip filler treatments from £500 per syringe.

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