Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent Reveal Who Is The Diaper Daddy In Their Perfect Family Of Four

Can you adopt me just my side. Yeah this is getting a little all right this is really inappropriate well congratulations on Oscar thank you maybe number two how is it with two in the house amazing. Yeah that’s really great you know we were really concerned initially. Because I was like of your life and. But the truth is he brought his own energy into the house of course, and there’s definitely been a shift. But we’ve loved every second he’s so sweet ya know, it’s a sweet little boy he’s like a little glowworm. Yeah how’s pop be doing with a little brother she’s good she knows her value in that. Yeah was she taking a backup first no. Yeah we we created some ceremonies around him coming home oh wow opening ceremony well there was like just like the things that she could do to feel connected down. Yeah whether it was like designing this little guy’s diaper or I thought the Huggies made by you thing didn’t ideal was that you know she could kind of connect to things in the ceremony, and then we had like a little dinner for her, and hat in a little thing where do you think Oscars crib should go Chewie now speaking of huggy who’s the bigger diaper dad me. Yeah yeah what Spri her why are you scared by that no I do anything else you did I would have guessed you really. Yeah I guess. Yeah first of all. I like things to be really clean you’re a Virgo. So, it’s very perfect for him it has got a start, and an end, and this clip is cleaning it I’m not afraid of pooping or talking about it, and Jeremiah has like really love my Amelie means this he doesn’t have a stomachache anymore, it’s great we you know the interesting thing about being you know gay dads is we don’t really have a precedent to kind of build no we don’t have role models necessarily if like what a family dynamic should be right, and if you find your own rhythm, and you find your own routine yeah. So what’s your routine everything else everything else are there plans for more no this is it no you agreed upon this wait yes. Yeah yes we did we have liked the boy, and the girl they’re healthy knock on wood obviously any parent knows that that’s the most thing the biggest thing you wish for right healthy children, and and we feel really good about our little tribe, and your perfect family thank you we thank you how are you guys going to celebrate Father’s Day this year what did you give me plans together yes no we’re doesn’t tell you admit to say what you got Matthew like you happy we’re never gonna do anything my god you should probably get on that I got him a box of Huggies made by your bosses me. Yeah I appreciate that you think I can fit into a size what are you there for our baby you know oh thank you babe yeah. So we’re like winning parents of the Year award right now. So can we expect more seasons of Nate, and Jeremiah by design we are in talks right now, and we’ll let you guys know cuz we know you’re having a really good time we’d love to doing a last season maybe love the people that we met the entire experience. So. Yeah we would love to do it again.

Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent Reveal Who Is The Diaper Daddy In Their Perfect Family Of Four Photo Gallery

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