Natural Beach-y Waves in 10 minutes

Today I wanted to make a post on how to get some natural beachy waves even if you have straight hair that does not scrunch because that’s what I have and honestly because my style is much more bohemian I get very frustrated by that because my hair doesn’t really go with my style. So a lot of times I want my hair to look very naturally wavy and full and I don’t want it to look like I made it that way. So This the curl pattern that I use for that and I also have a lot of tips and tricks to help you guys. So hopefully This very informative for you guys and that’s it I will see you in my next post wha bye first I’ll going to give you guys some tips and tricks that I’ve learned while making messy waves first of all don’t try to scrunch straight hair all the scrunching does is to amplify the natural wave or curl that your hair has now if your hair doesn’t have any natural wave of curl it’s going to stay straight. So don’t stress I always end up with a big product II crazy mess and straight hair.

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So you know what either you said it while it’s wet or you use a curling iron and there’s different options for both now don’t go crazy with the section either you don’t want to go crazy making all these different sections and putting yourself through a lot of work what all you want is a messy style make it easier on yourself don’t do this craziness that’s insane and don’t worry about making the curls perfect now it’s good to have a strong more selling technique that will get you a nice strong curl but using that technique to make really you know nice ringlets isn’t really gonna be what you want for a messy hairstyle also don’t make the curls the same because if you do that the all kind of interlocked together and make these Kardashian s curls which aren’t bad but you’re not see girls do create curls that are different sizes and shapes like using a normal curling iron and maybe a waver like the Conair yup and weight which is my favorite by the way now if you only have one iron here’s a little tip you can curl one piece of hair normally and then you can curl another piece of hair and while it cools you can wrap it up and pin it and that way it sets just a little bit tighter and when you let it down after its cooled it’s going to be tighter than the curl that you did without setting it that way you can fake having two different sized irons. So This how I make my beachy waves I separate my hair from the ears up and pin it away or pin it out of the way then I use my biggest iron or whatever you know your larger iron to go ahead and curl that bottom section now I have no idea why today or the day that.

I film this I curled my hair like this I think it’s just habit now but I would recommend wrapping your hair around the outside of your iron whether it’s clipless or has a clip it will work the same way next up rate your hair from the temples up and clip that out of the way then we’re going to work with this middle section of hair for that use whatever smaller iron you have or if you have a waiver use that here if you don’t have a different iron This where you’re going to wrap your curls back up and set them to cool that way you’ll have this layer be a little bit tighter than the bottom layer now you can switch that up and make the bottom layer tighter if you want to have just a little bit more volume in your style because that will provide just a tiny bit more volume if the bottom section is a little bit tighter than the top sections then let the top section down and what you do for that one is you alternate between tight and loose. So you can see here I’ll wrapping it and the next one.

I’ll wrapping it on the outside. So tight and loose. So you can either use your bigger iron and your smaller iron or you can use the different settings of the condo you wrap and wave or you can pin the curls up and leave some down whichever you prefer around the face I like to just let my hair kind of go around the iron and make a nice loose curl I thought that’s just a little bit softer and it doesn’t really make too much drama around the face I like it to be a little bit softer. So you’re just going to go in there kind of randomly and pulling the hair around you want to make different curls all over the top because that really shows off the most of the do and if you only have a clipless curling iron you can still do the same trick that we did with the iron with the clip where you wrap your hair and while it cools you wrap it back up and allow it to cool while it’s set and that will make a tighter curl for you as well now some of you guys wake up and your hair looks just like this for you guys just make sure you go through with them up with the curling iron and just spruce up any areas that might be a little flat or a little frizzy and that way you can rock these natural waves now you can use your favorite products to make a little sea salt or kind of oceany texture and I’ll write mine in the description box because Lydians are all. So long but this one is the hemp organics ocean waves and I like to spray it and then scrunch it and then you can use dry shampoo This my little secret use dry shampoo on the ends of your hair to make a matte appearance without adding any stickiness or crunchiness it’s awesome it works really well now I know I said don’t scrunch your hair if it’s straight right now it’s already curly or wavy. So if you scrunch your hair with a product now it will actually work just FYI but that’s how I make my natural beachy waves I really like it’s really quick it takes me less than minutes here are some other posts to check out I have my review I have Serena’s bombshell waves and I have no heat beach waves in case you just don’t like curling irons that’s it guys I’ll see you my next post bye.

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