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Airline TV here today where do you want to make up luck because you guys have been requesting this so much I really appreciate it cuz I feel like I have to stick with just hair tutorials and it made me feel happy that you guys wanted to make up the door it’s so we’re going to talk about this I’ve been wearing for so many of my recent posts including this link color which you guys have been asking about all the time Let’s get it do it so I already have my Foundation concealer and powder on just because I always the same and if you seen any of my makeup posts before you seen that process the products that I used were the wet and wild photofocus Foundation Age Rewind under my eyeballs to kind of Brighton and conceal and I sent everything with the Kodi airspun powder.

So basically I went by all of my tati recommended face products for blushing to use benefits coralista and this blood has a little bit of Shimmer which you can definitely see but I’m also going to highlight on top of that because it’s Exposed I got this in a little like highlight set from Sephora and this is the one that I can’t stop using.

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So I’m going to go in with his truck to Cosmetics number for brush and just try to hit the highest point in cheeks meaning like the part where they protrude the most so instead of going all the way up here trying to do move down here to the tip I got from watching the Shay Mitchell’s Channel and I started doing it and I was like change Did when we look back on 2017 in a few years will probably think that we were way too extra with are feeling but right now I am living and finally I went to come to her just a little bit I’ve been trying to kind of like pull back on the Contour recently.

But I have been using the kkw Contour and light just because this color right here is so good I forgot to I use it all the time and then I typically do my forehead just a little bit I’ve got I’ve had and a half so I feel like when I come for the size of it and makes a little better or worse I don’t know I like it this is freaking me out a little bit I think I’m going to try to put a little concealer oil Pray pray pray pray pray is what I get for trying to extract my blackheads last night nice diet red splotch while I’m filming It’s kind of like a dewy finish setting spray which I used to love like this was my ride or die for the longest time and I ruined it recently I’m trying to figure out if I still loved it.

So my of formula recently has been like brown Shimmer gold glow and then a very subtle Kris for going to create that today so today the brown Shimmer and then he uses from the Jaclyn Hill palette is right here that I don’t see how your typical little fluffy brush Where it out going to go over it with some blending Shades so you don’t really have to go crazy. I’m going to fill it up a little more Now let’s clean up at Kris and light palette I love this thing for all of my crease color I’m going to start with this kind of wormer shaved use it as my transition I’ll All ready that is looking much more clean than a game with a more precise brush this is the sigma e45.

I don’t know what kind of mixed together this warm Brown and this warm medium brown Brown going in with this really light somewhat creamy color and I’m going to make sure to really try to lift the outside of my bra with it the next thing I usually do is add of gold Shimmer and I have been obsessed with this highlight from Maybelline this is their Master studio in molten gold it is so good and so smooth and just drives a really amazing highlighter especially your skin a little deeper than mine so I like to go.

And I’m going to focus it kind of threw this area and the lighter color and like poke out there is that I really want to highlight and now we do Now we’re going to make certain areas more I want my inner Corners to pop and it won’t right on top of my Lids to pop so I’m going to go back and with a highlighter that I used on my face and then a little pencil brush Another thing I’ve done in some of my posts is to do a little bit of smoke out Shadow under the lower lid I’m not going to do that this time I’m going to go straight tomorrow Apply sculpt yes mascara it’s so good and now we want to browse which is really change for me lately I’ve been using cost-benefit 3D browtones to define the hairs on my brow.

Also like sweet them into place and then I’ve been using the Goof drawing eyebrow pencil and I just always go in the front and then I bring my Arch out a little bit Eyebrow this eyebrow has a scar through it so it always acts a little bit different than the other one can drive her differently drives me crazy Voice slightly more surprised than this one every single time you come down you get excited Tom down get excited calm down End of the comment list I’ve been wearing this one from color pop the most this row called catching feels as from one of their new holiday collection that comes with a lip gloss and another lipstick love this color but I have lost from colour-pop I have this Smashbox always on liquid lip and disorderly I have this amoo’s boosh which is like a liquid lipstick from Beauty and the color and a fuse Nick’s this one is a lot darker it is called Dark Sarah and I think I wore this in one of my holiday posts I don’t remember which one and if you want kind of that Matt dark lip and spend a lot of money because they have Really comfortable to wear Mountain cells in a variety of those dark kind of whiny shades.

Definitely thought that song was talking about catching fish because of her and she said I’m not afraid to catch fish and I was very confused My lips are also a little wonky so with my lipstick I always try to make them look more even from martial arts I’m running into somebody my martial arts practice but not actually in fight There you go now that I finished my hair you can see the control room a couple of very Guam way right now but it’s above my posts aren’t even worn it with a sweater and I think it can work on their wages depending on what you’re doing and obviously you can tone down certain elements if it’s a little much for you or if you just want to live your extra life Ever forget that. Try I wouldn’t say you’re notified the next time that I post a post that is it for today guys I will see you in my next one.

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