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Hi everyone Healy here and today I just have this simple makeup tutorial on the look that I wear and almost all of my videos I do the same skin and eye almost every single time and then I just switch the lip out depending on my mood I mean this can work for like work school it can transition tonight with like a bolder lip or a bolder eye it’s just a really good basic makeup so I hope that you guys like it I also wanted to tell you guys that I did a video with refinery recently which I’m gonna link down below I loved how it came out.

So I wanted to tell you guys about it but I also wanted to talk about it because it has to do with like my personal journey with makeup it’s a really personal video and I get into like more personal topics but I love how it came out so if you guys want to see it it’s linked below and with that said let’s get into this tutorial so for this makeup look we’re going to start out with the skin and I’m going to use the Maybelline matte + poreless foundation and I’m mixing together shade and I’m just using a little bit of that darker one just to kind of deepen up and warm up the lighter shade then I just dot it onto my face and I’m going to buff it in with a real techniques brush.

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I really like the coverage that this foundation gives it helps your skin to look still like skin but it can cover up things like the redness that you see before I applied my foundation and it stays on pretty well throughout the day especially for a drugstore foundation then I mixed together the Maybelline fit me concealer Zin and and apply those to my under eyes and then any areas that need extra coverage to set everything I’m using my Mac mineralize skinfinish natural in light just under my eyes over my nose and then I’m using what’s left over on my brush for the rest of my face then.

I like to contour just a little bit with this color pop bronzer and skinny dip this is a great budget-friendly bronzer and I just put it through the hollows of my cheeks and kind of around my forehead just to add a little bit of warmth and help my face to have its kind of natural contours on camera because it can kind of get washed out on camera so then for blush I use this blush in holiday from colour-pop just over the apples of my cheeks and it’s a nice pinky rosy glow which I also really like and finally.

I’m going to use a little bit of this highlighter in lunch money also from colour-pop and I love this glow I feel like it’s super pretty and it works really well on my very warm but light skin tone so I just dust that over the top of my cheeks and my Cupid’s bow and then I set everything with the lore’l makeup setting spray to take down the powdery look and to help my makeup last longer and now on to eyes I’m going to prime my lids with the NARS eyeshadow primer which is by far my favorite and I’m just going to make sure that everything is primed and ready to go then I’m going to use my shade and light palette from Kat Von D and I’m using this matte light shade this the same color as my skin tone over my entire lid and obviously when you’re recreating you this at home you can use whatever eyeshadow you have as closest to your skin tone or you can even use your foundation or concealer with some powder then.

I’m going to use this light brown shade which is actually really similar to my bronzer through my crease just to deepen that up a little bit you could also use your bronzer here if you prefer that that well you don’t have to use a different product so I’m just going to put that in place and then buff it out so that it doesn’t look harsh at all you want this color to be really really diffused and subtle and then I’m going to go in with my highlighter that I used on my face and use it on the tops of my eyelids and my inner corner.

I’m just using my finger to apply this because it really packs on a lot of color but you do want to make sure that the edges are still blended because you don’t want to see a harsh line from where is highlighted and where isn’t then I’m using colourpop’s eyeliner in swerve just to add a little bit of definition to my lash line so I’m making a really thin line and slightly building it up at the very outside of my eye to give kind of a faux cat eye look it just kind of helps to lift the outside of your eye a little bit and then I’m going to take a really thin line through the rest of my lid this is basically just to help kind of deepen up the lash line it’s not supposed to be like a liner look then I’m going to finish off the eyes with my benefit roller lash mascara.

I love this one because it curls your eyelashes without an eyelash curler and they still look pretty natural and once the top lashes are done I use what’s left over on my wand to go ahead and coat the bottom lashes as well and now onto brows I’m going to use my benefit gimme brow to go ahead and brush my brow hairs into place and I love this one because it has a great color to it I love that it’s matte and I also love it it has false fibers in it so it makes your eyebrows appear a little bit fuller I don’t need tons of help in that department.

I do have some really sparse areas that I like to fill and with this gel then I’m going to use my Anastasia brow Wiz and I wait to use that just to go ahead and deepen up my brows at places where they need it add a little bit of definition in shape where I feel like I need it and this almost changes every single day I feel like I do a different shape every day it’s just kind of depending on my mood and now to finish everything off I’m grabbing my Urban Decay revolution lipstick in protests and I’m just going to apply that and then I’m grabbing my bite Beauty lip gloss in rambutan and just putting a little bit of that over the center of my lips and once that’s done this look is complete like I said I love this I will change out the lips depending on what I feel but just the skin and the eyes stay pretty similar all the time because I love how glowy but natural it still looks and that’s it for today’s video I hope that you’ve enjoyed it be sure to subscribe if you haven’t and I’ll see you in my next video ma bye.

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