Years of drinking coffee and tea and smoking cigarettes will leave your teeth yellow and stained. In addition to regular brushing, try mixing baking powder and lemon juice together, and gently massaging into teeth and gums for a natural way to whiten your teeth.


If you feel let down by teeth that are crooked or chipped, consider having custom-made veneers for them. Formed from a thin shell of porcelain or composite material, they are cemented to the front side of the tooth and will leave you with a perfect set of shiny white gnashers.


And you know what? Who says you have to retire? What better way to remain active and keep the old brain cells recharged? Sure, no matter if you retire or not, some things you want to do may seem out of sequence the timing is wrong. Who wrote the rules that we are supposed to learn to play the piano as kids? Does that mean we shouldn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t want to learn something new at the ripe old age of eighty? Nope. do not let anyone tell you your advanced age is an impediment to learning or accomplishment. Sure, our bucket lists may have to be tweaked along the way, but hey, that is part of the fun and privilege of getting old. And as long as our ticker is tick-tocking, it is not too late to do anything. Unless of course, it is. So, when is too late? There is always time until there is no time. Time, for the most part, is relative and need not be determined by the ticking of a clock. Which prompts me to think about Christmas. ( Just go with it.

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