Natural Looking Waves Braids Side Swept Hairstyle

Hey guys, for today’s hairstyle. I’m going to combine waves using a clipless curling iron with lace braids to get this fun side do. So let us begin when using hot tools always apply heat protectant to your hair spray from the mid shaft to the ends brush your hair to distribute the product and let it dry for a few minutes before applying your hot tool to create waves with your curling iron you want to start at the top and part your hair horizontally now you want to wrap your hair around the curling wand and here.

Natural Looking Waves Braids Side Swept Hairstyle Photo Gallery

I’m using my Amica flip this cutting iron this coating iron actually comes in three sizes hair. I’m using the 19 millimeter barrel alright. So you want to hold it there for a few seconds release it and separate the curls quickly before they cool down to keep those waves out of the way flip your hair over to the other side and continue to do the exact same thing it’s very important to curl your hair in large horizontal chunks. Because, if you were to grab little tiny pieces of hair and curl it is going to be a time-consuming and B you’re going to end up with little ringlets. So remember pick up large horizontal chunks and you’ll end up with something like this, if your curls start to get a bit messy just grab a butterfly clip and clip it out of the way then continue to curl your hair layer by layer when you’re done curling one side you want to flip your hair back and do the exact same thing to the other side onto the lace braids I’ve done this many times but. I’m going to show you again you want to start at the top and divide your hair into three sections. I’m going to call it top middle and bottom.

So you want to take the bottom strand place it over the middle then take the top strand place it over the middle bottom goes over the middle again. But this time we’re going to pick up some hair incorporate it with the top strand and place it over the middle afterwards you’re going to pick up the bottom strand and place it over the middle. So you’re only going to pick up hair at the top incorporate it with the top strand and place it over the middle. So this is kind of like a half French braid where you’re only picking up hair on one side continue this lace braid until you reach the back of your head then you want to finish it off with a regular three strand braid you can braid it all the way down but. I’m just going to stop halfway and tie it off with an elastic band click the braid out of the way and just continue to do the exact same thing right below it even though I only braided my hair on one side for this tutorial you can actually do it on both sides and connect the braids together which I have done in the past them and pretty sure I made a post on that too. So, if you want you guys can check it out. But, if you have a wide face shape I find that side dudes look more flattering.

Because hair is covering half of it. So it kind of gives the illusion of a smaller face shape when you’re done you can release the other breakdown and fix it and, if you want to you can also teach the other side to give it more volume to make the hairstyle look more formal you can also pin the braids back and create a side-swept hairstyle let me know which one you guys prefer the first or second look thanks so much for reading. And I’ll talk to you later bye comment to be notified of new posts and don’t forget to check out my other hair tutorials.

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