Are bronzing powders for everyone? I am very pale, and I find them hard to wear. If you wear the lightest shade of foundation available (say, ivory), you probably should pass on bronzing powders. No matter how light bronzing powders look, they will probably appear too orange on your skin. Instead, play up your paleness with blush shades in soft pink and apricot.


In achievement, I was in the upper third of the class, which suited me well. Not too far down to be labelled as a dunce and hounded by the lecturers, not too far up so as to give too much expectation. Occasionally I was roasted around the edges for being a bit too casual and I was a bit wobbly with some of the hydrostatics and electronics, but usually I kept up with the work. Barry was smart and sharp and had little difficulty with anything. The only time Barry steered himself into trouble was when his basic laziness got the better of him and he hadn’t bothered to do the work; although when this happened he would pick himself up to mark in one evening’s slog. John had a quick mind but he was clumsy. Anything that involved precision and dexterity, such as cartography or naval architecture, was awful for him. His work was so bad that it was impossible for me to feign sympathy when I saw the awfulness of his scale diagrams. After hours of laboured application on the cross-section of a cargo liner, John would show us the results with trepidation. Barry and I would hoot with laughter at John’s childlike pictures; they were invariably hopelessly out of proportion and a cause of great hilarity to us.

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