Pale Skin: So many women with pale skin search for the perfect bronzing powder; instead, just make yourself as pale and soft as you can. Never go into the sun.
Inspirations: Bernadette Peters, Winona Ryder, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Shalom Harlow, Guinevere.


I read John Barleycorn, Jack London’s cautionary tale of drinking, while I was on the Vexilla and wondered why he seemed to be so warning in his prose: he seemed to be taking it all too seriously. I took the time to note however, as all drinkers did, that though a lot of the people around me seemed to have a drink problem – I did not. The third engineer had a problem, to my eyes. He trembled most of the time; sometimes he shook. Quite often he would be in for breakfast, thoroughly plastered after coming off watch at 04.00 and drinking in the bar until 07.30. Sometimes Joey would be with him, although not often because he had to be on the bridge for 09.30 to check the day’s navigation. On the occasions they did both turn up for breakfast, they would be loud and raucous in the dining saloon as they wolfed down bacon and eggs while carrying on drinking beer from cans.

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