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Hormonal changes and poor nutrition can cause bones to get thinner as we age. Incorporating resistance weight training into your weekly routine will help maintain bone density and ward off osteoporosis.


As well as burning energy while you work out, a study from the American College of Sports Medicine found that the metabolic rate remained elevated for two hours after strength-training with weights – burning off more calories while you do nothing.

Testing includes, but is not limited to, analysis of body fluids, imaging, biopsies, and on and on. All are geared to diagnosis and/or treatment which may or may not involve surgery. The last thing most older people want is surgery.

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There is a special fear that the older body is too frail to survive time on the operating table. Then there is the rehab which can be taxing in its own right. The alternative, of course, is usually even less appealing. Awaiting the results of a test can be extraordinarily stressful. There is a tendency to fear and even expect the worst. I have my own story of undergoing a bone scan in connection with a prostate cancer scare. A high PSA count and a biopsy showed a small cancer.

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