If you’re going out for a weekend walk, choose a route with as many hills as possible. This will be a better workout for your heart and have a greater toning effect on the wobbly bits, particularly the calves, thighs and bottom.


Swimming is one of the most effective fat-burning exercises you can do, as you are simultaneously working both the upper and lower body against the water. It is great for toning flabby arms and legs, and is achievable regardless of your overall level of fitness.


Men have difficulty accepting things relating to reflections on their manhood and physical deterioration. Our machoness is comprised of denial, self-diagnosis, and the refusal of any suggestion we should seek professional diagnosis and treatment. Who me? For many of us, that awareness comes as a slap in the face when we make a routine trip to Walgreens or CVS, to select a birthday card for our wife. After a few minutes of moving the card back and forth like we are rowing a boat, out of growing desperation, we go to the generic eyeglass case and try on a pair. After a few tries, there is that wonderful moment of discovery when you find that you can actually read the card you have in your hand. And you realize the card you selected reads: Belated condolences on your loss. So, along with the card, you buy a pair of over-the-counter reading glasses. Eventually though, each time you go to CVS, you chuck a couple more pairs on the checkout counter. Like potato chips, you find you can’t have just one. So, now they are stashed everywhere: the glove compartment, the golf bag, by your favorite chair, the bedside table, the kitchen counter, the shower.

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