Scientists know that relaxation is a restorative time for the body, when the body repairs and regenerates itself. It is during its relaxed state that the brain produces ‘feel-good molecules’, immunity is boosted and the body repairs and forms new tissue.


Sleep between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am if you can. The first four hours are when physical regeneration takes place. The second four bring mental and emotional recharging, so you wake up looking and feeling better.


Then how would you clean that up? Vacuum cleaner? Dustpan? Wet sponge? Speaking of cats, why were many of Egypt is ancients laid to rest with their cats? What is that all about? Some have even requested their ashes be mixed with masonry, garden soil, and even food. Food? As Hannibal Lector might have said, We are having Grandma for dinner tonight. Thanks. I will just go out and grab a Big Mac. Another item that should be on your to-do list is to make sure your insurance beneficiaries are current. There are times when someone you have listed may have died before you. Along with that, whoever is the executor of your will, should be made aware of how many policies you have, as well as where they are kept. You do not want them fishing through everything to find them A surprise to many survivors when tying up loose ends is the death certificate. Actually, your executors will need several death certificates. One for every transaction related to your death, such as insurance, social security, taxes, among others.

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