A salon-inspired handcare treatment that includes a self-heating exfoliant to skim off dry flaky skin, followed by a luxuriant hand cream to put back softness, will make a noticeable difference to wrinkled hands.


We had the measure of the day and what it took, we had the youth and the stamina to be up before six, to clean, drill, study, study, study, then whoop into town and drink and play then sneak back expertly before light, catching a few hours sleep before the same again. My acquaintances became my friends, became my close-bonded compatriots that I would not forget. The P1 24 intake of our second term looked like the children they were, fresh from home. The P1 23 experiment, of sending us to sea before college, was apparently not going to be repeated – there had been complaints from college staff about us: we were not pliant enough. A few new boys sobbed in the night the first week, down on their bottom bunks. Several were broken by the brutality of Chiefy and his senior cadet henchmen within the month, sitting meekly on their bunks in civvies on Saturday morning before leaving quietly for the station after inspection. The rest rode the storm. Our exams approached and we knuckled-down further; the work piled on. During the exam week itself, the normal day continued unabated. We were still up at 05.

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