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We all know it's bad for us, but new _ research has conclusively proved that too much white sugar will cause premature ageing, particularly around the eye area where skin is fragile and prone to wrinkles.


Limit alcohol consumption to government guidelines (two to three units a day for women) and try to drink a large glass of water before bed. Alcohol acts as a diuretic and leaves the body dehydrated and skin prematurely old and wrinkled.

Legitimate businesses understand that you want more information about their company and are happy to comply. Always ask for and wait until you receive written material about any offer or charity. If you get brochures about costly investments, ask someone whose financial advice you trust to review them But, unfortunately, beware not everything written down is true.

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Always check out unfamiliar companies with your local consumer protection agency, Better Business Bureau, state attorney general, the National Fraud Information Center, or other watchdog groups. Unfortunately, not all bad businesses can be identified through these organizations. Obtain a salesperson is name, business identity, telephone number, street address, mailing address, and business license number before you transact business. Some con artists give out false names, telephone numbers, addresses, and business license numbers. Verify the accuracy of these items. Before you give money to a charity or make an investment, find out what percentage of the money is paid in commissions and what percentage actually goes to the charity or investment. Before you send money, ask yourself a simple question.

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