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Nutritionists urge women never to skip breakfast, which ideally should provide about a quarter of your daily calorific needs. People who go without breakfast are more likely to snack on unhealthy food and pile on the calories.


Never be tempted to skip meals in an effort to lose weight. The body depends on eating at regular intervals to keep energy levels and hunger pangs at bay. Starving yourself sends a message to the orain to slow down the metabolism and stop burning calories.

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I am afraid I will find my name. (Old Joke) For many contemporaries (at least in my age group), it is one of the first, if not the first page they read in the daily newbeauty spaper, either online or the rather shrinking inked pages. Ironically, many newbeauty spapers are on financial life support, and some are finding their own names in the obits. Who among us has not turned to the page to learn that someone we know, or once knew, has gone on to the great reward? It is a chillingly, uncomfortable experience to personalize mortality. We want to know the circumstances of death. Was it illness? Was it an accident? Was it the dreaded, died of natural causes? This is just another way of saying that old bodies sooner or later just give up the ghost and lose the ability to hang in there. Even more unsettling is seeing the ages of the departed. For some reason, I find myself automatically calculating their age compared to mine. Wow. She was five years younger than I am now.

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